Reunion 2003 Skegness - What the f*** was THAT?

Did it really happen? And how come I'm still alive?? In a vain attempt to give you a flavour of what weekends in Skegness can be like (when more than 100 hardened party animals come along too) here are a collection of photos and words attempting to describe the experience ...

Class of 2003

(click on photo above for a list of those awake enough to have their photo taken!)

Smiley What would possess anyone to want to repeat last year's Minehead party? Maybe this diary of last year which has been recently discovered gives us a clue ...

Smiley What did our committee make of the weekend? Read the latest newsletter!

Panoramic view

Smiley Letters

And what did YOU FOLK make of the Skeggie 2003 experience? Click [HERE] to read some letters and SMS text messages back from the Reunion!

With the links below, when you click on them the Kentie website gallery viewer will come up to let you navigate around all the pictures!

Arrivals ...

Our Association committee

A cake and a dog ...

Bar Rosso (Friday night)

The Swinging Shillelagh

Kenties go clubbing

Doing our Karaoke thang
at the Swinging Shillelagh

And belly dancing too!

Off to Fantasy Island ...

And the Chalet Bar rocks

The Chalet Bar chills too ...

The beach barbecue!

Kenties around Butlins!!!

Van the Man's photo collection

Kentie tube movies ...

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