What have you said about Skeggy 2003?

Here are some wonderful e-mails and letters we've had to date

Thought those that couldn't make it to the Reunion would like to see what we got up to on the Sunday morning. The rest of the weekend was a bit of a blur.

I hope that all those that remained for Sunday night had as good a time as I did on Friday and Saturday. I'm suprised the Chalet Bar didn't get closed down.

Thanks to all involved in the organisation, hope to see you all again soon.

Les Turner


Have just arrived home from Skegness and just had to say what a great time I had. I drank too much, ate too much and my feet are killing me but it was so worth it.

Thanks to all the comittee members who put so much hard work in, we really do appreciate it. I hope everyone supports you for the next one, if you can organise it for Germany it will be fantastic.

Look forwards to it immensely.

Sue Hildersley ( Frame)


Hello to you all on the committee. Hope you all got home safe and well. Just want to say a big thank you to you all for a fantastic weekend at Skegness.

Thanks to all your hard work and all your free time that went in to the organisation I could not of wished for a better time. You should all be very proud of yourselves and a big poke in the eye to all those that had said the would attuned after the last one and didn't bother to show.

I did hear a few people say that this one was better than last years. So well done to you all. Drinks all round(I'm sure a few more won't kill you!!!!!!)

I am sure I will be 'posting' on the message board soon.

Again Thank you. Take care bev laing (blake) 78 - 80

ps about time you got some new pictures on here. you are all better looking in the flesh, they do not do you justice.

pps that could be the blurred vision though!!!!

ppps only joking, you are all wonderful and fingers crossed for 2005

Dear Gerrie

Just a little note - to say thank you and the rest of the Committee for all your efforts, which must have been huge. It was (again) a massive success, everyone had a fabby time. All thanks to you and the team.

Looking forward to the next one - already - hey ho.


Nickie C

Hi gerri,

Debbie Thorne here,just to let you know I'm number 72 on the reunion photo and Julie Parry is number 30. Didnt know if we had to put ourselves on,thought I'd e-mail you.

Thanks for a fab weekend, I'm eagerly awaiting the next one.

Take care and many thanks to all who arranged it.

Regards deb

Hi Trudy,

I wish to say a big thank you to all the committee for all the hard work you put in on a brilliant weekend.

Many thanks, Bob.

ps. Roll on the next one! (Check out the Message Board for more feedback from the Reunion weekend!)

And here are some SMS text messages we've had as well!

Hi Di, arrived home bleary eyed and knackered. Thanks again for a fab weekend, can you pass my thanks to rest of them, they did us proud. Say hi 2 all especially my roomies... Sharron Hutchinson (nee Thomas)

Had brilliant weekend, thanks 2 every1.

Lin England (nee McPherson)

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