Those old pics ...

Well, here are some pictures I've found - or inherited - of those heady days at Kent School. Any more to add?

Daz and mates

Yes this is indeed the original Kentie webmaster - Daz Bryant - in a pic he carelessly left on the site.

The Kentie quiz team

And one including the current webmaster - Colin "Shirty" Miller. It also includes Ali Taylor at the end of the row - not sure what happened to the lad in the middle! We were trounced in the first round to Queens School - but I always maintain that the buzzers were malfunctioning!

Gerrie Gerrie

More Committee members - Gerrie Maber! Looking obscenely happy in these pictures, girl ...


Another Committee member "Lady T" Trudy Hanson - looking as dashing as ever

Kent 1976

A class photo from 1976 - including Shirty (see the arrow). I remember a few other faces in this one too.

McGlass 1974

And another cutting from a class photo - this time ex-Committee member Phil "McGlass" Allen gets the arrow.

Party Jane

And another ex-Committee bod ... Party Jane as she was back then.

Mark Lawrence

Fame at last! One of Shirty's mates Mark Lawrence sent this one in.

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