A class picture from Jürgen Kariger

Do you see yourself here?

A great 1963's lineup from form 3C as provided by Jürgen Kariger:

Form 3C (1963)

Form Mistress Miss Nora Pole, later Mr. Woodall (Science)

Back row left to right: Ian(?) Hammond, "Prof" Chris Saunders, Martin Gillard, Bruce ?, Steven Sayers "Flossy", Hans Jürgen Cilvert, Gary ?, Ken Lister?, Dennis Duggan
Middle row: ?, Marion Cox (Timms), ?, Patricia Turney, Delia Speakman, Philip Bryant, Roger Fielding, Conrad Simon
Front row: Christine Bouvrie, Miss Nora Pole (form mistress), Jillian Beesley

A bit before my time (your webmaster was three years old then), perhaps others will recognise themselves here. Jürgen is not sure about some names - for example Andy Williams who claims to have been good friends with Dennis Duggan and Phil Bryant so he should have known him. The others Jürgen thinks he remembers, but names and faces after all this time...

Chris (Christopher or Christian?) Saunders is the lad with the round specs (thus his nickname "Prof"). Jürgen has an article posted in TACA if you're interested - go to LINKS to view.

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