The Kentie Pirates hit London!

Another year and we're off again! The Kentie Pirates set sail - along the Thames - and this time the crew - with a new shipmate (Simon -see later) sailed the skies in the London Eye too! Well, not ALL of them - some decided to take on the nearby pub instead. So, on a very fine April day, for your Piratey delight, here are the key moments of the day.

Map showing location

Kentie tube movies ...

The plan was to meet at Waterloo Station under the large clock ... however this got scuppered as there was an alcoholic watering hole nearby. This proved a more Pirate-friendly start to the day ...

Pictures from Waterloo Station ...
(comings and goings)

How a bunch of Kentie Pirates
look on the streets of London ...

What strange people you get
to meet in London too ...

Yes, Pirates need to eat too!
Check out these photos!

Yup - four of us braved the Eye -
and saw the dramatic views it shows!

Pubbing - Naturally!

I got strange looks trying to use up
a reel of film on my digital camera ...

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