Nick's 40th birthday bash!

How could we NOT celebrate the guy's birthday???

It all started innocently with a little mention in the birthdays messageboard that Nick was thinking of celebrating his big four-oh and inviting Kenties to the bash at Venue M in Hastings.

Kenties on tour

40th Birthday
Stuart and the birthday boy

Little did he know that when you invite Kenties, you invite a wicked sense of occasion that ensured that he had a weekend he will probably never forget!

Kentie tube movies ...

In no particular order, here is a number of galleries of pics ...

Friday night must mean BBQ night!

General pictures from the Saturday
night bash at "Venue M"

Faces of folk that could say they were there -
if they could remember ...

Get the Kenties together and
the dancing shoes come out ...

The part of the evening Nick hadn't planned for ...

The phenomena known as Schmed ...

At the end of the evening,
Nick thanks the world

A couple of excellent pictures of the band

Those that survive migrate
towards bacon butties ...

And of course, the out of school activities

There were other pictures that just
didn't seem to have a home ...

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