History of Kent School - part 5

High School

In 1987 the memorial site was "adopted" by a local High School. In 1996 the Federal President declared that the day prisoners were released from Auschwitz should be marked as an anniversary. On 27 January 1996 the local High School pupils and teachers decided that they would mark this anniversary at the Hostert memorial site, remembering the victims of the National Socialist despotism, in particular those of the "euthanasia program".

The picture below shows the pupils of the 8b in 1987 taking part in clearing and preparing the memorial site.

Kl.8b of the GHS on the building site of the memorial site in Hostert

Peter Zoehren, one of the teachers, produced a richly illustrated booklet regarding the institute in Hostert, the work of the Franciscans and the Nazi "euthanasia program", which was published in 1988. In 2005 it was reprinted at the welfare-educational centre in Krefeld, Viersen. It can still be purchased at the City Hall or the High School.

Cover of the brochure, "Next door - another world"


You might find more information about Waldniel Hostert, the municipality of Schwalmtal, the Schwalmtal High School and the Pfarrgemeinde St. Mariae Ascension Day, in the following three publications:

  • Zoehren, Peter, next door - another world, reproduction 2005
  • History, Erfurt tell moving association hehler, Schwalmtal, pictures 2005
  • Arretz, walter, homeland messenger Schwalmtal, 2001

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There are growing concerns that the memorial place is not being visited regularly enough and has become damaged by people playing games and riding vehicles over the site.

Cushion stone
Destroyed cushion stone, 1999

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