Kent School slideshows

From the latest visit to the old school in May 2013 (thank you, Jürgen):

Kent School and the dark side of Waldniel

Roughly translated, the German text at the beginning says:

Kent School near Moenchengladbach – once referred to as "The House of Lost Souls" – is a place with a harrowing and disturbing past. Initially used by monks as a place of mercy - the horrors of the Nazi era transformed this to anything but merciful. A "Kid's Department" was established as a euthanasia programme for disabled children. Several years later - after the war - the British turned the building initially into a hospital, and some time later turned it into a British Forces school (including a boarding facility) - now named Kent School. As I said: a harrowing and disturbing history.close quotes

And some more movies courtesy of S J W Moore ...

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And those old chestnuts ...

Squaddies do Amarillo
And squaddies arriving on the shores ...

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