School pages

Hi fellow Kentie!

This is where to go for various interesting links around the school.

Here's a handy Google Maps link to our beloved school site ...

Look at map[Click HERE to look at the map!]


PointerPlayground is where you will find silliness - jokes, videos and pictures trawled off the internet to bring a smile to your face. David McElhoney has been bombarding the site with excellent stuff so go here to find a link to his own personal message board!

PointerPicture gallery is where various non-Reunion pictures will be stored. There's a wide range of pix that have been dragged across (kicking and screaming) from the old website. We are now up to date - but always looking for more pictures!!!

PointerSchool history is where we're trying to piece together a history of the old school - any input always welcome.

PointerWeb history is where you can have a peek at what this website used to look like! Just can't bring myself to ditch all that HTML ...


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