September 2007 | Newsletter


The KSA Committee are back and raring to go! We have loads of developments to tell you about ... where do we start?

Website News

If you haven't been on the website recently then a LOT has changed! The site has had a complete makeover and now contains all the content of both the original website and everything that has been added since - in a new slick and fast loading form.

There are masses of pictures and quite a few videos to mull over - and a more comprehensive attempt at charting the history of the old building.

There are loads of messageboards to add to - and Dave McElhoney's own joke book that continues to hit the funny bone hard. The guestbook now includes all the entries that have EVER been made to the site - so pages and pages to crawl through there.

It's easier to keep up to date as well - in fact it now includes over 200 pictures from last weekend's 40th birthday bash of Nick Speight - so you can see the sort of stuff we still get up to! We would love you to send us stuff to add to the site too!


We hope you enjoy the site and keep coming back for more news on what the Kenties are up to. Which brings us to the next item of news ...

Reunion News

We'd like to get the ball rolling on the next big Kentie Reunion - the last was in 2006 in Germany which went really well (seeing the old buildings again brought a few tears and memories) but we're going back to our KSA roots and looking at a Butlins bash.

The venue looks like it'll be Bognor - unless we get long petitions for somewhere else (the door is not shut on this one yet) and it looks like one of the weekends in late September. Check your diary! Those who went to Butlins in 2002 and 2003 will remember how much fun we had - both for those genuine ex-Kenties and their families and we really want this to be an inclusive event again.

Are you up for it? Let us know by contacting the webmaster at the usual addy - - and tell us your thoughts. What weekends can you make? How many would be coming? We need some kind of idea by early October so that we can warn Butlins of their late summer invasion.

Party on!

Contact one of your committee members:

Colin "Shirty" Miller -


Gerrie Maber -


Caz "Dragula" Streeter -

(Secretary/Events organiser)

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