March 2004 | We are back - rested, recuperated and ready!


All we need now are suggestions, ideas, and your general thoughts on what you would like out of your next reunion. As we said at reu 2003 we won't be organising a main meet for 2004 but we can see from the website that many of you are having you own mini get togethers, which is the whole point of the Kent School Association.

So next year the BIG one, you know we would like to try and make it "Auf Deutsch", but we are a diverse bunch! And us "Da Committee" would like to keep it simple, as we don't have much spare time to sort out too much stuff. Questions, questions ...

So would you like us to look for hotel accommodation?

  • Butlins style accommodation
  • Tents on the JHQ golf course or
  • Other (suggestions welcome!)?

Would you like travel included, eg:

  • flights
  • coach/buses
  • ferries
  • make your own way there?

How much would you be prepared to pay, considering the distance and travelling involved? This will be crucial in what we look at arranging.

Would you like group trips while you are there, Phantasialand etc?

How long should the party last? Is a long weekend as per Minehead and Skeggy enough?

We know of old we can't please every one all the time and we'd love to include as many people as possible. At this stage we are only looking at options, so the more of you we get feedback from the better. We can then look at pricing a couple of options and going for the one that gets most votes.

Please remember though, that we are not a travel company so the one we go with won't have too many variables.


The Committee

Please address any ideas, offers, questions, anxieties or brainwaves that you may have to:

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