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"What the f**k was THAT?"


Hostert the Dog Any reunion which features two paramedic crews, a belly-dancing blonde, a stuffed dog and a group of sadly hungover people spelling out letters in the sand on Skegness beach has to be good ...

Well ReU chums, we did it again! What a truly fantastic (and quite unforgettable) weekend, loadsa old chums to meet up with, loadsa new ones to hang out with, drinks, dancing, fun fun fun all the way ... now it's back to reality with a bump. Anyway, here for your delectation and delight, your hardworking committee proudly bring you (ta da!)

Reunion Awards 2003

Tristan The 'Who the Hell is that Tt?**' award ... no contest here, the lovely Tristan wins by a mile. What a unique and charming chap he was, and such an inventive dancer.

PJ wiggling The 'Blimey She's Belly Dancing' award surely goes to our very own Party Jane (you go, girlfriend!) for her wild shimmying and shaking, which incidentally helped hugely towards the £210 we raised for our chosen charity, Carol's Smile. Hostert the Dog also did his bit to raise some cash too, bless ...

Kentie tile The 'Effort Above and Beyond the Call of Duty' award goes to Mark Atkins and his chums who rescued the Kentie crest from certain destruction - well done those urban guerillas!

The 'Most Bizarre Sight' award ... well chums you choose between Tony Edwards sitting in the chalet bar in just his nether-garments and a nipple ring (and nobody batted an eyelid!), Geraint wearing Hostert the Dog on his head, or one very little old lady joining the BBQ queue and trying to purchase a bratwurst ... or indeed any of the other events y'all can recollect. If you CAN recollect them, you clearly didn't drink enough ...

The 'She's Gone Too Far This Time' award goes to Denise Fleming who put her back out - no doubt partying just a little too hard, but at least the paramedics were on hand ... we hope you are recovering now Denise!

K-E-N-T The 'What The Fk Was That?**' award goes to all of us for blindly following Gerrie's idea to lay in the sand on Skeggy beach, spelling out 'Kent' - what a lot of pushovers we are! We had enough people there to write out the school's entire address, including BFPO number but doubt we could have engineered it given the general lack of sobriety.

Jez James Thanks also to 'Aerial Photographer' Jez James who took his life in his hands climbing onto that container and whose rapid descent nearly ended up as the second paramedic crew call-out of the weekend!

And of course 'Chefs of the Reunion' award to Phil and Les for cooking the worlds supply of bratties ... who needs weapons of mass destruction, huh?

The 'Eric Clapton Busking' award to Colin "the Shirt" for showing the cheerful Skeggie staff we didn't need to hire any f**king karaoke kit off them - and on the musical note (which neither Colin nor Jane managed to hit) the "Stars in their Eyes" award goes to those wonderful Alice and friend people who kept the singing going - with a special mention to Sian Farmer's kids who made Coldplay sound dated, and Julie Greig's daughter Alice and friend who were just damn awesome.

"Slimmer of the year" award goes to the gorgeously svelt Caz - keep it going girl you looked wonderful - oh apart from Monday morning - but the Goth look is s-o-o-o you anyway!!!

Big respect to all nutters who survived the Fantasy Island "Beast"!!!!! What demented soul would come up with the idea of designing a fairground ride with a spin cycle??

No actual medals, oscars or prizes this time chums, we spent it all on beer, spirits, bratties and frikadellas for the BBQ.

All that's left now is to say don't forget, we're planning the next one in Germany, as near to our beloved school as possible, in two to three years time ... so get your address books out, start mailing anyone and everyone you can think of (go on, spam them into submission!)

e-Mail In the meantime, e-mail all your stuff to our website's Webmaster at the website, your committee are planning a few smaller get-togethers for the next few months so keep an eye on your inbox. Please also let us know about any events you will be going to - maybe a few other reunion chums would like to join you - let's keep that groovy reunion vibe going for as long as possible ...

Kent School Association Committee

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