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Another visit to the old girl ...

A number of ex-Kent School pupils will be visiting the area over the weekend 24-27 May. A few of them are staying at the Best Western Hotel in Moenchengladbach arriving early evening Friday 24 May.

It is likely that they will visit JHQ in the morning 25 May and revisit old haunts. A visit to the school site is proposed for afternoon of Saturday 25 May (details to be finalised) meeting at the Moenchengladbach Best Western Hotel reception at 13:00 local time.

A shopping trip to Roermond (I remember those!) has been proposed for Sunday 26 although there are many interesting attractions nearby. There is a partially reconstructed Roman town at Xanten up the Rhine, or the museum at Neanderthal just east of Dusseldorf.

Be prepared for more nostalgic photos on this site!

Thank you for that update Phil!! Can't wait to see those snaps!

BFBS visit the old school

The old girl is famous - and it's been on the BFBS TV service. Well done Des Lacklison for the guided tour - and did you know we were up in the top 25% of British schools? You do now!

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A fantastic gallery of pictures of how the old girl looks at the moment - well done Urban Adventures! She is certainly showing her age, and the fact that she has not been well looked after. It's a shame!

Urban Adventures [Click here to go to the Kent School gallery at Urban Adventures]

Jürgens history

Click hereJürgen Kariger has found the stunning aerial view of the old buildings which he found on the Waldniel history website. If you want to read more about what Jürgen remembers of the old school - click HERE - to read more of his story

More celeb links for Kent School

We are blessed once more - not only has Don Walcott produced a son (Theo) that now graces the grassy turf of the Emirates Stadium with Arsenal, but Caz Streeter's daughter Kayleigh has graced an edition of the national teen magazine "Sugar" with her china-doll-like complexion!

Poses with Wolves

You've heard of "Dances with Wolves" - here's a lass that poses with them! As well as appearing on the front page, she captured the CENTRE SPREAD for the magazine with her revelation of a past life as a wolf (thus their appearance in the photoshoot). "Instead of speaking, I'd be howling or growling" - Sounds like many teenagers I know ... Anyways, the wolves were fantastic animals and spookily warmed to Kayleigh - maybe there is more to this than we think??

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