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This page offers links to other Kent School related websites (other than groups). Have you seen any interesting items on the web that you think should appear here?? If so, please let us know so that we can add them to the list!


Queens School website  Queen's School community website - A “community” website for ex-pupils and staff of Queen’s School, Rheindahlen, BFPO 40, Germany, a school opened in 1955 to provide Secondary school education for the children of military and civilian personnel posted to the new NATO HQ and nearby British Garrisons and RAF Stations in the lower Rhineland. The school is now called Windsor School after having been renamed in 1987 when Queen’s School and the nearby Kent School were closed and then reopened under the new name on the site of Queen’s School.

The Army Children Archive The Army Children Archive - We have been contacted by Clare Gibson of The Army Children Archive (TACA). This is a website launched online in October 2007 to collect, preserve and share details of the 'army-child experience'. We Kenties know a few things about that! Anyways, here's the link if you want to go and explore this new addition to the web.

QUARANC BMH Hostert website  QUARANC BMH Hostert website - Photographs and a history of the British Military Hospital Hostert provided by Phil Basford (Maj Retd RAMC)

Help for HeroesHelp for Heroes Help for Heroes - was the idea of Appeal Chairman Bryn Parry and a group of friends and relations, many of who have connections with serving servicemen and women. Bryn and his wife Emma wanted to do something to help the wounded and came up with the idea of a sponsored bike ride. They mentioned it to some friends who mentioned it to some more friends and suddenly Help For Heroes was born and growing fast. A flurry of visits to various offices led to the campaign being blessed by the head of the army, Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt.

Help For Heroes is backed by the Army Benevolent Fund, the Army’s own charity that does wonderful work for soldiers and other servicemen and women both directly and through its support of other service charities.

BBC "On this day" Bombing of JHQ on 23rd March 1987 BBC "On this day" Bombing of JHQ on 23rd March 1987 - From the BBC archives, the news of 23 March - When thirty-one people were injured after a car bomb exploded at a British army base in West Germany.

Siemens at Wegberg-Wildenrath! Siemens at Wegberg-Wildenrath! - Siemens' very own "Complete testing of rail transportation systems" - a state-of-the-art test centre for development work, type tests, and 100% tests for new system components, rolling stock generations, and track equipment. The Test Center commenced operation in January 1997 and is licensed by the German Federal Railroad Office (EBA) as a certified test centre.

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