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Kentie Links offers links to other Kent School related websites, for us “Old Kentonians”. Are there any you know of that are not listed below?? If so, please let us know so that we can add them to the list!


Kent School, Hostert, Germany  Kent School, Hostert, Germany - for those who went to Kent School in Hostert before they changed it to Windsor School, set up by Katy Holmes - doing a fabulous job of it too!

Revisit Kent School and JHQ One Last Time June 2013  Revisit Kent School and JHQ One Last Time June 2013 - The May 2013 revisit of the school and JHQ prior to the final shutdown of the Rheindahlen facility

Carolyn also says there are literally scores more ranging from generic “Forces Brats” type goups to specific “Kent School in the 80’s” and most are really quite active.

Yahoo groups Kent School website  Yahoo groups Kent School website - Paul Dixon (a Kentie from 1982 to 1985) and also a busser from Krefeld, St. Tönis) set the Yahoo site up. He hope many of you get in touch with old mates and would love to hear from anyone who knew him!!!!!!!!

Angelfire Kent School website  Angelfire Kent School website - Ken Oliver (a Kentie between 1981 and 1984) set this Angelfire site up. He visited the school while on holiday on mainland Europe and was saddened to find the school totally derelict - his photos are on this site.

The websites Ex-Forces Kids, Bratlink, Brit Brats, Friends Reunited, some Facebook sites and all the MSN community sites (quoted earlier on this website) no longer exist.close quotes

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