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Subject: IAN BOYLE

I don't know if any of you remember Ian Boyle, but i do, really fondly. I've often meant to contact him in the last 30 years, espescially in the last 5 or so, what with all the new social networks. So at last i got off my drunken lazy ass and trawled through 'Friends Re-United'. Which i might add was FUCKING TEDIOUS!!!! However i finally found my old school mate, only to find out he passed away in an Accident last July! Life is SOOO FUCKING CRUEL! If anyone remembers me, please don't hesitate to say hi! Childhood friendships helped me be who I am today, so carefree and fun, and Ian R.I.P. old friend! Sorry i missed you!

12-Mar-2011 11:44:14
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