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  Samantha Taylor (sam.tay29 [at] [at] says ...

Subject: Lita Spalding

Lita was at Kent School '79-'81 she lived at Raf Bruggen. She sadly took her own life some time ago but I know people will remember her!

07-Nov-2007 17:20:18

Donna Macmillan
donna [at] [at]

Subject: RE: Lita Spalding

I remember Lita very well. We hated each other at first (both loved the same guy!) - had a fight at school, got into loads of trouble and then made friends and got on fine after that. I was sad to hear the news.

07-Nov-2007 21:37:53

Gerrie Maber
gerrie [at]

Subject: RE: Lita Spalding

Well reading that shook me up a bit.....I'd imagined us all grown up happy and wrong can you be......very sad to hear. If only the world was perfect...

07-Nov-2007 23:23:46

Graeme Smith ( Schmed)
schmeduk [at]

Subject: RE: Lita Spalding

Lita was my first real girl friend. She was wild but very sweet. Might have stayed together a little longer had not an irresistable force arrived on my horizon.
Rest in peace and I can only begin to appreciate the pain you must have been in to take your final decision.

11-Nov-2007 15:34:42

Karen Edwards
paul [at]

Subject: RE: Lita Spalding

I am in complete shock. I knew Lita very well as I went out with her brother Roy and had often wandered what had happened to her. Having had a family member take their own life myself I can only imagine what her family are having to cope with. I hope that now she has found some peace.

26-Oct-2008 16:43:11

mandie rose
manhuss [at]

Subject: RE: Lita Spalding

as with others i remember lita spalding she bullied me and my friends quite alot but we became friends in the end it is very sad to hear that anyone can feel that low as to take their own life r.i.p lita

11-Nov-2008 18:26:52

silvia ibbott
silvia66 [at]

Subject: RE: Lita Spalding

new her sister but had run in wiv lita at school(1979-1982):( sorry to read that she's passed over

26-Feb-2009 17:25:18

Yvonne Davies
vonidavies [at]

Subject: RE: Lita Spalding

i was so so sad to read about Lita today (have been searching for her for years (we were best friends at school and i went out with her brother, Roy, for a year of so :( I visited her often when she lived in Stoke then we lost contact. :(

01-May-2013 14:53:17
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