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david Southwood Pet Hates 12-Mar-2011 0 12-Mar-2011
Dave Mac Revenge 22-Feb-2009 0 22-Feb-2009
Dawn Have you gone on strike Dave? 27-May-2008 0 27-May-2008
Dawn Daddy's Gonna Eat Your Fingers 21-May-2008 0 21-May-2008
Dawn Golfing 30-Apr-2008 0 30-Apr-2008
Dawn Sometimes you just need to put things in the proper perspective... 02-Apr-2008 0 02-Apr-2008
Di Stone Anyone heard of this expression before? 19-Mar-2008 1 20-Mar-2008
Party Jane Best Christmas Cracker Jokes? 21-Dec-2007 1 23-Dec-2007
Dave Mac Air Hostess 18-Dec-2007 0 18-Dec-2007
Dave Mac The Christmas Joke to end all Christmas Jokes 18-Dec-2007 2 18-Dec-2007
Dave Mac Nelson Mandela 28-Nov-2007 0 28-Nov-2007
Dave Mac Voted Best Scottish Short Joke 18-Oct-2007 0 18-Oct-2007
Dave Mac Logical Science 21-Sep-2007 0 21-Sep-2007
Dave Mac Scouser looking for a job 03-Sep-2007 0 03-Sep-2007
Dave Mac Stop or Slow Down 30-Aug-2007 0 30-Aug-2007
Dave Mac Genie and the Golfer 27-Aug-2007 0 27-Aug-2007
Dave Mac Pay Your Bills 20-Aug-2007 0 20-Aug-2007
Dave Mac The Power of Booze 17-Aug-2007 0 17-Aug-2007
Dave Mac The Wedding Test 01-Aug-2007 0 01-Aug-2007
Dave Mac The Old Man 28-Jul-2007 0 28-Jul-2007
Dave Mac Don't Tease Old Ladies 29-Jun-2007 0 29-Jun-2007
Dave Mac A Tale of Two Prawns (A TRULY CRAP JOKE) 27-Jun-2007 0 27-Jun-2007
Dave Mac The times are a changing ................. not a joke! 26-Jun-2007 0 26-Jun-2007
Dave Mac Golf 26-Jun-2007 0 26-Jun-2007
Dave Mac 90 Year Old 26-Jun-2007 0 26-Jun-2007
Dave Mac Big Turner Brown 26-Jun-2007 0 26-Jun-2007
Dave Mac I apologise for this one in advance ......... 26-Jun-2007 0 26-Jun-2007
Colin the Shirt Updated Timesheet Codes: MEMO FROM ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT 23-Jun-2007 0 23-Jun-2007
Dave Mac The Blonde Joke to end all blonde jokes! 16-May-2007 13 14-Jun-2007
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