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  Alan Boughey (boughey1 [at] [at] ) says ...

Subject: The Tie

How many threads did you all pull out of the tie to make more stripes in the silver stripe. I think I managed to remove half before I got told off. Also what was all that nonsense about crush pins in the lapel of our jackets. Like to hear how many others managed to stab themselves with the damn things. By the way Jurgen I an still alive and back in the rip off UK. Speak soon.

Alles Gute

31-May-2016 21:52:38

Caroline Roddie
caroline502010 [at] [at]

Subject: Re: The Tie

Can anyone remember the 'Ollie tie'. Rochester House gave them out as an award. I won one with my with my sporting wins.

01-Jun-2016 21:55:02

Jürgen Kariger (Cilvert)
H.Kariger [at]

Subject: Re: The Tie

Hi Alan nice to see yourt message. Just got to take a look at the site. Drop a line anytime you like. Never pulled anything out of my tie. Lost one on the trip from school - flew out the window.

29-Oct-2016 06:01:48
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