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  Tony Healey (tonyleehealey [at] says ...

Subject: Dusseldorf to Hostert?

Hi, My mother was born in the military hospital in Hostert in 1962. I've been thinking about travelling there with her, so that she can visit the place of her birth. My plan is to travel by Eurostar from London St. Pancras, to Brussels and then onto Dusseldorf.
We are both non-drivers. How would we travel from Dusseldorf to Hostert? Is there a bus or a train?
Also: any advice for when we get to Hostert? Can we visit the hospital itself? I understand it's closed off, but is there a local that could take us inside?

Many thanks for any advice you can offer!


31-Jan-2017 10:56:25

Klaus L.
antispam [at]

Subject: Re: Dusseldorf to Hostert?

Take a train from Düsseldorf to M“nchengladbach (Regional Express RE or S-Bahn). Look in your browser for
From M“nchengladbach you can use a bus (013 or SB83). SB83 is a fast bus. Look in your browser for .

05-Feb-2017 19:00:22
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