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  Nick Jones (Dusseldorf) (njhj says ...

Subject: Cellars

How many levels were there? Did anyone ever go down to the lower levels?

28-Mar-2006 22:30:00


Subject: cellars

"I got down two levels;as the tunnels from mr andersons workshop were supposed to have joined up to the teachers cellars in medway,but im afraid we coulndnt find the adjoining tunnel."

29-Mar-2006 12:50:00

Dave Tylor

Subject: Cellars

Does anyone remember the rifle range located deep within the bowels of the school. We 'Dealers' would go by green tin can to the school with Mr Bamford (Head of the Remedials) After the dinner/tea (class/background dependant) for a couple of hours shooting. This was in the early 70's

01-Nov-2006 15:58:00

Chris Dingle

Subject: Cellars

I had heard the cellars were 9 deep and used as an air raid shelter during the war. apparently the british hit a water main which flooded the lower cellars and they were just sealed up with the drowned kids and stormtroopers and all. That just left the top two - the sub basement which were the CDT workshops and Tech drawing rooms (Graphical Communication) and the lower level which were just used for storage . Would love to know how much truth is in this

23-Jan-2007 02:46:00


Subject: Cellars

In the hazy distant past (circa 1972) I seem to recall the water started on level three of the cellars. We got to level three via a trap door next to the toilets that were down there.

Interesting that the rumour mentioned nine levels - hadn't heard that one.

02-Feb-2007 19:00:00

Paul Ellis
paulellis [at] [at] paulellis [at]

Subject: RE: Cellars

I think it was Maidstone who started a tuck shop in the basement of the Biology building. It was discovered that the cellars led directly to their storeroom and the door unbeknownst to them was unlocked. For months Mars Bars etc were consumed down there (thanks Maidstone). I have made the odd donation to charity since when this memory wells up!

15-Nov-2010 22:13:12

Bob Smith


Hi Dave, I'm bloody amazed that anyone let you anywhere near a gun!!! If memory serves, you could belch like a cannon anyway. Didn't you shatter some diffusers in the dorm corridors at Deal by this method?

16-Nov-2010 18:26:43

Terry McNulty
terry.mcnulty [at]

Subject: RE: Cellars

I took a 6th Form Minority Group for .22 shooting in the Cellar Range. I don't know very much about what was below but there was talk that medical facilities which would have been utilised in the event of a war were in at least one of the lower levels. I can remember an occasion in the early to mid 70's (during the summer vacation)when a Territorial RAMC unit exercised there so perhaps there was something to the 'MASH' rumour.

17-Nov-2010 14:28:14

Susanna Thorne
su51ethorne [at]

Subject: RE: Cellars

I remember all the rumours re the cellars and the threat of the cane if one should stray without permission, I know there was 3 levels, never heard there where 9, and it was true the the bottom one was flooded, insome of the rooms, they where stacked from floor to ceiling with rusty steel bed frames, we where told that Kent used to be a convent before the war then it was turned into a medical rehab for the wounded soldiers/POW's, and don't forget the ghosts that hung around that dark corridor which you entered through swing doors it had no windows or rooms within the corridor and swing doors at the end, I can never remember anyone walking it, they all ran through it!! I think it linked the main building to one of the other parts of the building but just can't quite remember.
I do remember shooting range but never went, wasn't allowed, I was a girl Grrrrr

24-Apr-2012 14:27:56

silvia ibbott
silvia66 [at] [at]

Subject: RE: Cellars

hiya,i think i remember you,were you in duss.@ 1980?always wore this brown jacket? sat with fiona davies on the school bus swigging booze that she nicked from her house

28-Jun-2012 09:42:20

silvia ibbott
silvia66 [at] [at]

Subject: RE: Cellars

paul,hi,did you have strawberry blonde/ ginger hair?you are so memorable,i hope ive got it right:)

28-Jun-2012 09:49:38

adrian_clark [at]

Subject: re; cellars rife range

Joined the shooting club during lunchtime, until someone mis-placed a gun, all attending had to stay after school to be interview by the Police. Gun latter turned up deposited in a teachers desk draw

18-Jan-2018 19:16:45
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