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  hans Kariger (Cilvert) (H.Kariger [at] says ...

Subject: christmas greets

Only general Christmas Greetiungs to all Kenties.

25-Dec-2016 17:59:00

Colin "the shirt" Miller
webmaster [at]

Subject: Re: christmas greets

Christmas greetings and a fabulous new year to you Hans - and to all Kenties around the world!

30-Dec-2016 14:12:00

Alan Boughey
boughey1 [at]

Subject: Re: christmas greets

Good to see you are still alive and kicking Hans. There can't be many of us left from the early days or there are some who won't admit they were there because it shows how old they are!
Anyway my old friend Happy New Year to you, and once again I am somewhere in Portugal, eating the cheese, drinking the wine and catching the rays, (quote from Kelly's Heroes).
Take care and speak again soon I hope and god willing- any god will do.

09-Jan-2017 20:08:15

Andrew Paul Williams
apw799 [at]

Subject: Re: christmas greets

And a happy new year to you all too. 2017 is the year that I hit the big 65 and become a burden on the state as a cantankerous OAP! Looking forward to it very much. Trust that all the other oldies are still hanging in there. As for me - I still have my own hair and teeth and am still on the first set of knees and hips! Sadly, the horniest part of me is my toenails! Ah well, grateful to be still breathing. Good to see Cindy posted recently, we just need some more of our generation to join the throng. Anyway, I hope that 2017 brings all you wish for - particularly health and happiness.

10-Jan-2017 20:46:46

Alan Boughey
boughey1 [at]

Subject: Re: christmas greets

Like you Andy the big 65 beckons and like I am looking forward to the state looking after me. Little is ever said of the hard work us "Baby boomers" have done and the large amount of contributions we have put into the system, let alone having to pay huge amounts of interest on mortgages (16% I remember at one time). So to all those bleeding heart liberals who blame us for the ills of the world I say "O dear what a shame , never mind" or tough s**t. Sorry Colin for using nearly bad language. Anyway Andy glad you are still in one piece like me, It must be due to the care we hade from all those RAF and Army doctors and MOs many years ago.
So to all you aged Kenties keep up the good work and live long and prosper and get every penny you can before some other sod gets it.
Cheers for now.

12-Jan-2017 16:34:56
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