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  Rory McDermott (englishdesignus [at] says ...

Subject: 67-69

Hi Everyone anyone from the late 60's who would like to connect after all these years? I live in America now is there anyone over here?



20-Mar-2016 14:26:49

Graham Walsh
graham [at] [at]

Subject: Re: 67-69

Hi Rory, I knew you at Kent with David McBirnie as well. I live in Alberta, Canada

18-May-2017 21:13:55

Lesley Mangham
cskeir [at] [at]

Subject: Re: 67-69

Yes I remember you Rory. I'm still in touch with Tricia marsden who sees Haggis regularly and has news of Dave Mcbirnie. I have lived in France since 2004

03-Jan-2018 09:34:08
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