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  Denise Rawlins Nee Elgood (deniserawlins42 [at] says ...

Subject: 1963 -1968 2nd - lower 6th

Hi, I have just stumbled on this site. I remember Patsy Turner, Delia Smith, Denise Wilson and Rosemary. It was good to see some familar names. I lived in Krefeld, dad was with 16 Sigs, Bradbury Bks. I went ice skating at the local ice rink.

19-Dec-2012 16:39:12

HansJürgen Kariger (Cilvert)
H.Kariger [at]

Subject: RE: 1963 -1968 2nd - lower 6th

Hi Denise, If my memory is still working you should be the girl on the far left standing next to Marion Cox (Fotos Form 3C) Patsy Turner, with tie, is next to Delia. Perhaps you can fill out the missing names. I am Hans Cilvert next to Steven Sayers, tall, blonde chap with curly hair. Found out that Jillian Beesely is living in NZ. Her brother wrote on this site informing me about that.
I am pleased to see there are still a few of us "pioneers" around. You will have been on our Krefeld bus. I lived Solbrüggenstr and dad was also at Bradbbury Barracks 16. Sigs. Our last stop was De Greiff Str. before it went off to Hostert. Formerly we stopped at Queens Upper as we had pupils from there on the bus too. Interesting the back bench.
Hope you had a good Christmas.

26-Dec-2012 03:23:54

Hans Kariger (Cilvert)
H.Kariger [at]

Subject: RE: 1963 -1968 2nd - lower 6th

Hi Denise wonder if you received my email from 26th Dec. Nice to know which class you attended knowing Patsy Turner who was in form 3 C and promoted to 4 A Autumn 64 I think. I left the year she left 3C for Catterick, Yorks.

29-Dec-2012 08:35:24

Patricia Morris
mady0408 [at]

Subject: Re: 1963 -1968 2nd - lower 6th

I sincerely hope someone will read this. I have just found this site having looked for a long time. Denise I remember you, you and your family lived in the top two flats opposite us in deGreiffstrasse. Weloived in nr 213, my mum was dutch and there was me and my three brothers.

17-May-2014 17:54:16

Rory McDermott
englishdesignus [at]

Subject: Re: 1963 -1968 2nd - lower 6th

Hi Its Rory McDermott here from the early sixties at Kent school. Dave Mcbirney and I were at the school 63-69. I have been living in America since 20o4 and with my wife we run an advertising agency in New York city and Raleigh North Carolina. Anyone remember me? Love to connect.

13-Feb-2016 12:19:54
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