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  Chris Lodwig (chrislodwig [at] [at] ) says ...

Subject: Looking for old friends

hi i'm trying at the moment not successfully to find an ex pupil from Kent school his Name was Bill Jordan he was at school from 67's until 71/72 he lived in Dusseldorf / Hubblerath as did I though I went to Cornwall school Dortmund we used to hang about together at weekends and holidays. any help I would be great full thanks

16-Jul-2016 23:51:54

Colin "the shirt" Miller
webmaster [at]

Subject: Re: Looking for old friends

Go to this website's Guest Book and you'll see the search box at the top of the page say "Search entries" - type in their name and you'll find an email address (albeit a tad old). It might still work ...


26-Jul-2016 09:00:30
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