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I lived in Dusseldorf [All the best "Kenties" did, don't you know?] and went to Kent School 71-74 1M1, 2M1, 3M1 and 4MS. Does anyone else remember or know of Tomoyuki "Tommy" Nakayama who was there at the same time. He gave all his classmates sets of chopsticks when he left. I've still got mine! I think his dad worked for Honda Germany.

15-Dec-2013 20:16:13

Penny Barranger-Clark
nefret_bastet [at]


He was in my junior school in the last year .He was in my class.When it was his birthday we all got presents.He was very quiet and polite and intelligent.I went to Kent but cant remember him going ,but i wasnt there long as dad got posted back to UK.

14-Nov-2015 15:59:20
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