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  Corrine thomas nee woodward (corrinethomas_386 [at] says ...

Subject: find friends from 1973 -1975

Hi everyone I am trying to find a friend called Debbie keep I have a few photos of her I remember her coming home on school bus with me I lived in viersen not sure if spelt correct I have found a few old friends on Facebook from Kent and Windsor girls where I went when my dad posted to Berlin take care fellow kenties

06-Apr-2016 19:44:05

Debbie Ginn (nee Kemp)
deborah.ginn [at]

Subject: Re: find friends from 1973 -1975

Hi Corrine. I believe it's me you're looking for! I do remember we were friends at school and I can recall staying at your house sometimes. We were a gang of four with Christine Whiteley and Susan Irving. Do you remember them?

31-Jul-2016 11:54:57
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