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  Michael Paul Doherty (mpdohe [at] says ...

Subject: german teacher Gerry Knox

Many visitors to this site will have been taught German by him. I got to know him quite well. He came from Newcastle-on- Tyne. I am amazed that he never told me that He was Lancashire's opening batsman between 1964-7 I am a keen cricket fan & live 3 miles from Old Trafford cricket ground Does anybody have any more information about him & his cricket career. Is he still alive?

05-Dec-2013 16:18:07

Colin the shirt
webmaster [at]

Subject: Re: german teacher Gerry Knox

Don't remember the guy but there are two websites he appears on, neither saying he's died, and one sating he's 76 years old) ...


06-Dec-2013 16:11:02

mike doherty [at]

Subject: Re: german teacher Gerry Knox

I recently toured the members area at old Trafford cricket ground. There was an Honours Board of all the players who have been awarded their county cap since 1900 The year 1967 had the name G. Knox. I am sure this would bore most people to death

30-Nov-2014 21:53:38

Bob Smith
robertsmith717 [at]

Subject: Re: german teacher Gerry Knox

Was at Kent/Deal 69 - 73ish. Tonbridge Hse. Gerry taught me German too. Have just Googled a couple of sites. One has a picture of him as a young cricketer. Who'd have guessed?

01-Dec-2014 14:08:47

Mick Bowman
terry.mick [at] [at]

Subject: Re: german teacher Gerry Knox

Gerry is still alive and living in Ashill, Norfolk. He plays golf twice weekly at Richmond Park GC Watton.

27-Jan-2017 11:57:17
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