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  Dave tylor (drt.n16 says ...

Subject: Indoor rifle range <at> kentschule

Can anyone out there remember the indoor (in cellar) rifle range that existed in the early 70's. Mr Bamford (he with the old beetle)would take a group of us down there after school for a couple of hours shooting during the evenings. We used .22 rifles (bolt action) and .22 pistols (semi-automatic).It was located deep within the bowels of the main blockat the end of one of the numerous rat-runs/cellars that criss crossed under and around the old place. I also remember him shooting an injured pigeon with a .22 pistol on the grass strip between C + D corridors/dorms at Deal one spring term in 72/73. Imagine that going on today over here. Could have been a German Dunblane!!!!!! Kids got it toooo soft these days. Take care all

01-Nov-2006 16:08:00


Subject: Rifle Range

I remember that.
Did shooting for a term as 6th form option thing.
IIRC thera was also a .22 revolver.
I thnk I hit a target once over the 6 or so weeks.

02-Nov-2006 17:52:00

David ivison

Subject: rifle range

The range was open when I started at Kent in 1966. We used to gone down once a week with the helper in the woodwork department called Herr Schmidt. That was my first go with the re-bored .22 but no pistols. Herr Schmidt had his own rifle and was very good at it. If I remember the club only lasted for a year or so. It obviously picked up again after 1969 when I left Kent.

17-Dec-2006 12:38:00

John Stoddart

Subject: Rifle Range

"I also remember Herr Schmidt who helped me make a crossbow out of a beautiful piece of walnut from this own stash. Nothing was too much trouble for him even though he did fall over the crossbow in the Woodwork shop and deem it more dangerous than his rifle. We did try it down the rifle range but ran out of time, as it was the end of term and my last at the boarding school. They would have not allowed me to return with it any way now knowing how potentially dangerous it was. I took it back to the dorm and the only concern raised was by Mr Miles that I was still polishing it after lights out. "

18-Dec-2006 14:33:00

Alan Mitcheson

Subject: Indoor Rifle Range

"The indoor range was still in use mid 70's - probably the same .22 bolt action rifles others have described. I recall a House competition being run; I think Tonbridge did quite well, but not sure who actually won!"

20-Dec-2006 15:25:00

Terry McNulty
terry. mcnulty

Subject: Cellar Rifle Range

"Taught in Kent School 1971 - 1976. Used to take a group of 6th Formers (Minorities) shooting in the cellar rifle range. We had two bolt action .22's and my .22 Target Pistol. Rifles stored in an adjoining room in metal cabinet. Used to oil & clean them each week. John Spencer (Science Teacher), introduced me to the shooting and I took over with the 6th Form Minorities when John left. A great facility. I remember that the ammunition used to be stored in the Bursar's safe - Harry Ingle who was succeeded by Roger English."

26-Mar-2007 16:38:00


Subject: Shooting

I was one of the 6th formers (Scottish with glasses) and I remember you well Terry. Where did you go after Kent?
Phil Allen

26-Mar-2007 23:51:00

Kevin Jones

Subject: rifle range

"It was being used when I was there in 1972'ish. Though all I can remember firing was a pistol. It is the only pistol I have ever fired. I can't remember the name of hte teacher who took us down there. But he did do duties at Deal in the evening time. The bursar's wife was also matron at chatham. Mrs Ingles, though I don't know her first name.... whatever happened to the Ingles?"

31-Mar-2007 07:35:00

Terry McNulty

Subject: Rifle Range - reply to Phil

"I do vaguely remember you Phil along with a few others in the 6th Form at that time. When I left Kent in 1976 I returned to N. Ireland and took up a position as Head of Careers Education in a High School outside Belfast. Eventually became Head of History, then V.P. and finally Principal. Retired at end of August 2006. Always planned to go before I was 60 and made it with 18 months to spare. Spending too much time now on golf course!! Will always have very fond memories of Kent School, staff and pupils. Germany still very much second home - visit almost every year but have not been in Hostert since 1987."

05-Apr-2007 21:47:00

ernest wright
ernest.wright2 [at]

Subject: RE: Indoor rifle range kentschule

i remember this range being there in 1964 when i was at kent school i was 14 at the time

29-Sep-2007 22:16:59

Christine Turnbull
spaceladyinc [at]

Subject: RE: Indoor rifle range <at> kentschule

I remember going to the rifle club during lunchtimes.
It couldn't be after school as had to get 'school bus' back to Wildenrath after school.

this would be 71 -71

26-Jan-2018 13:06:38
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