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  Andrew Paul Williams (apw799 [at] says ...

Subject: John Arthur Davies OBE DFC

For those of you Kenties from the early 1960s. I found this notice reporting the death of J A Davies, who was my form master when I first arrived at Kent in 1963. He had been a bomber navigator in WW2, winning the DFC and later taught geography. He had, I recall, a fantastic stamp collection. In later life I believe that he became a school inspector and was appointed OBE for his work.
RIP, John. It was an honour to have known you.

01-Feb-2016 22:55:47

Hans-Jürgen Cilvert
H.Kariger [at]

Subject: Re: John Arthur Davies OBE DFC

Hello Andrew, Sad news indeed. He had my full respect in 63 and 64 when he taught geography.I haven't heard anything from Alan Boughey lately. Formerly he gave a regular shout on this site. Any idea if anythiong has happened to him? No respionse over his email either. Thanks for any info. I've caught up with Delia Speakman via FB. she's bee living a long time in the Netherlands. Hope you are keeping well.

14-Feb-2016 12:52:08

Wendy Baker nee Fearn
wbaker [at]

Subject: Re: John Arthur Davies OBE DFC

I taught at Kent School in 1964/65 with John Davis. In fact he acted as my chauffeur when I married in June 1965 at St Georges Garrison Church. I've just discovered your website and I'm sorry to hear of John's death. I wonder if any ex member of staff knows Brian Woodall's address. He was our best man and we've lost touch with him.
Wendy Baker

02-Sep-2016 15:38:26
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