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sarah strawson (weller) Happy Christmas Kenties 23-Dec-2007 8 09-Jan-2008
Melanie Kendall Help Needed 02-Jan-2008 4 09-Jan-2008
Michelle Lester Anyone remember me? 1982-1985 Yank 17-Nov-2007 4 05-Jan-2008
Dave Mac Happy New Year 2008 01-Jan-2008 1 01-Jan-2008
Stephanie Schuhrk Advent, Advent - Ein Lichtlein brennt! 01-Dec-2007 23 31-Dec-2007
keith fuller happy days 28-Dec-2007 0 28-Dec-2007
Dave Mac Jokes Page 18-Dec-2007 2 23-Dec-2007
Party Jane Best Christmas Cracker Jokes? 21-Dec-2007 1 23-Dec-2007
Dave Mac Auld Lang Syne - educating the masses - use it wisely 20-Dec-2007 0 20-Dec-2007
David John Brasier Merry Christmas !!! 12-Dec-2007 1 12-Dec-2007
Lyzz Plumb Reunion 2009 25-Nov-2007 43 10-Dec-2007
Chris Kirby The reason we are where we are.... 28-Nov-2007 1 08-Dec-2007
gerrie maber lookin good Colin!!! 03-Dec-2007 3 05-Dec-2007
Dave Mac What I want from Santa is ............................... 04-Dec-2007 4 05-Dec-2007
Paul Butterworth Father Bill Boyd 16-May-2006 4 28-Nov-2007
Dave Mac Le's get involved 28-Nov-2007 1 28-Nov-2007
Susan Calvert Just found this site - I'm a Kentie !! 17-Nov-2007 0 17-Nov-2007
Dave Cosway Old school mate "Paddy Breden" 1976 - 1979 ish 28-Oct-2007 3 09-Nov-2007
Andrew Polson Need help finding someone 13-Dec-2006 10 30-Oct-2007
kathleen flanagan WIZARD OF OZ school play 1982/ 1983? 23-Oct-2007 0 23-Oct-2007
Andy Saunders Radio Kent/Windsor Sound 16-Nov-2005 2 22-Oct-2007
stuart taylor life on the Goldcoast in sunny Queensland 13-Oct-2007 0 13-Oct-2007
Chris Kirby Need info on getting to Kent 05-Oct-2007 1 05-Oct-2007
Paul Hazell can you help me about this school 19-Aug-2007 3 30-Sep-2007
Dave tylor Indoor rifle range @ kentschule 01-Nov-2006 9 29-Sep-2007
kathleen Hamon any news on school? 22-Sep-2007 2 24-Sep-2007
sian davies kent school derelict sad pics 16-Aug-2007 1 22-Aug-2007
Paul Craven some slideshow that may interest you 30-Jul-2007 1 20-Aug-2007
Gary Walker what happens now ? 09-Dec-2006 4 16-Aug-2007
Dave Mac Annniversary 02-Aug-2007 1 03-Aug-2007
David John Brasier Reminiscing about Kent School (musically) 01-Aug-2007 0 01-Aug-2007
Chandra Ross memories......... 08-Jul-2007 0 08-Jul-2007
Ian Barron photo of reunoin 01-Jun-2007 2 04-Jul-2007
Glen Pimborough Website 05-Jun-2007 9 27-Jun-2007
Dave Mac The times are a changing ................. not a joke! 26-Jun-2007 0 26-Jun-2007
kathleen THE FUTURE OF KENT SCHOOL? 13-Oct-2006 5 25-Jun-2007
Phil (McGlass) Allen Desert Island Discs 30-May-2007 1 01-Jun-2007
Di Chat Nite 21-Feb-2007 14 22-May-2007
Steve Graham Pictures of old Barracks in Germany 07-Mar-2007 2 16-May-2007
Gerrie Music.... 30-May-2006 52 09-Apr-2007
Lutz Kaelber commemoration of the past at the school-kindly contact me 22-Mar-2007 0 22-Mar-2007
Steve Graham Useful drinking web tool 07-Feb-2007 1 07-Feb-2007
karen holland nee davidson viersen 08-Sep-2006 2 01-Feb-2007
Dawn Scholes Mandie Rose 28-Jan-2007 0 28-Jan-2007
Party Jane and Steve HAPPY NEW YEAR 01-Jan-2007 1 04-Jan-2007
paul craven laarbruch 31-Dec-2006 0 31-Dec-2006
Colin Merry Christmas Kenties! 21-Dec-2006 7 25-Dec-2006
Caz Goodie bags!! 31-May-2006 14 12-Aug-2006
schmed This site 19-Jun-2006 4 20-Jun-2006

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