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david coles anyone remember me? 17-Sep-2012 1 26-Sep-2012
sean watson just seeing who's out there 15-Mar-2009 1 26-Sep-2012
silvia ibbott contact me 26-Feb-2009 10 26-Sep-2012
Caz Streeter Stranger checking in! 09-Sep-2012 2 19-Sep-2012
Keith Lewis looking for chirs 17-Sep-2012 0 17-Sep-2012
Faridah Doyle Old green bone shakers. 29-May-2012 2 12-Sep-2012
Steve Doyle Hospital & School 03-Sep-2012 1 08-Sep-2012
Anita Nicholson (now Kirkham) Bracht 04-Sep-2012 0 04-Sep-2012
Annegret Mabbett Hi 01-Sep-2012 0 01-Sep-2012
Richard Williams Looking for Dave Green 25-Aug-2012 0 25-Aug-2012
Marie Jane Smy 1971-1974 - lived Wildenrath -GSO camp 21-Aug-2012 0 21-Aug-2012
Marie Jane Smy 1971-1974 - lived Wildenrath -GSO camp 21-Aug-2012 0 21-Aug-2012
Mark Cullens Anyone that know's me.... plus TC? 21-Jul-2009 1 09-Aug-2012
Ken Oliver Kent & Wildenrath 08-Aug-2012 0 08-Aug-2012
Steve Thornton Hello 17-Jul-2012 0 17-Jul-2012
Steve Webley Reunion in Cardiff 30th June 12 05-Jun-2012 7 14-Jul-2012
john pryer bruggen -kent school 78ish 14-Jul-2012 0 14-Jul-2012
Sean Lyndon Cook Age 44 Trying to contact any one who knew me. 23-Sep-2007 14 13-Jul-2012
Nick Jones (Dusseldorf) Cellars 28-Mar-2006 10 28-Jun-2012
Gary Ridley Kent school Hostert 03-Jun-2012 2 09-Jun-2012
Michael Lamberton Remember me 07-Jun-2012 0 07-Jun-2012
mike doherty tDEAL HOUSE FEB- 16-May-2012 1 21-May-2012
michael jones 1972 1974 10-Apr-2010 2 16-May-2012
Billy Ball Friend 01-Nov-2011 1 16-May-2012
sheila garritys was page Ian Robinson, old friend? 14-May-2012 0 14-May-2012
Yorick Phoenix Trying to find: Martin Minchin and Andy Bates 05-May-2012 0 05-May-2012
joseph james skill like to known as joe when at school it was joseph or james skill duisburg bus 14-Nov-2011 1 27-Apr-2012
Kevin Page Deal house - 1967 - 1970 19-Apr-2012 0 19-Apr-2012
kevin sherwood and alan sherwood remember us at wildenrath and wassenberg 1969/73 04-Dec-2008 10 02-Apr-2012
Maggie Tolmie Kent School 1972-75 11-Aug-2009 23 24-Feb-2012
MICHAEL DOHERTY remember me! 13-Feb-2012 0 13-Feb-2012
Russell Escott Anyone Remember me (Final years at School 1979 - 1981) 17-Mar-2009 13 27-Jan-2012
Gloria Leverett 1968-1972 30-Oct-2011 3 18-Jan-2012
Mark Dainter Kent School 05-Jan-2012 4 13-Jan-2012
sean watson merry new year 29-Dec-2011 1 29-Dec-2011
George Robb Gwyn Bacon 26-Dec-2011 0 26-Dec-2011
Phil Allen Reunion 2012 31-Oct-2011 1 25-Dec-2011
Simon Graeme JHQ Rheindahlen 17-Nov-2011 1 21-Dec-2011
ian jinks anyone from years 83 to 86 17-Oct-2010 1 14-Nov-2011
jackie Hucker Moving to Australia 12-May-2011 1 03-Nov-2011
Matt Phelps Trying to find Hostert! 08-Aug-2006 10 27-Oct-2011
Nicholas TURNER 1970 -72 26-Oct-2011 0 26-Oct-2011
Peter Freeman Leaving year 1979 - Looking for old friends - David Grant are you out there? 25-Jan-2010 8 08-May-2011
sue bickley hamish! 10-Apr-2011 0 10-Apr-2011
Dawn Billy No Mates 05-Apr-2011 1 10-Apr-2011
sue bickley hello kenties! especially 77-81 x 10-Apr-2011 0 10-Apr-2011
Dave Clasby 'Reunions' 05-Apr-2011 0 05-Apr-2011
Colin The Shirt Rogue messageboard threads 27-Sep-2009 6 05-Apr-2011
Kim Mayer nee Lloyd Looking for an old friend " Ruth Williamson" was in Broadstairs 04-Apr-2011 0 04-Apr-2011
Kim Mayer was Lloyd Looking for an old friend 31-Mar-2011 0 31-Mar-2011

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