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Greg Cairns Seems like a long time ago 26-Dec-2012 7 03-Sep-2013
Alan Boughey Jurgen are you there 01-Aug-2013 12 20-Aug-2013
David Minty Boarder around 79-81 23-Jun-2013 3 10-Aug-2013
Andrew Stark JHQ Closing 02-Aug-2013 0 02-Aug-2013
Andrew Stark JHQ Closing 02-Aug-2013 0 02-Aug-2013
Linda Helen Wilson Kent 11-Jul-2013 0 11-Jul-2013
Dave green Looking for Mark or Mike Whitelaw from Erkelenz 31-May-2013 1 09-Jul-2013
Dave McElhoney Christine Allen 19-Jun-2013 1 21-Jun-2013
patrick mackin old friends 19-Jun-2013 0 19-Jun-2013
kim heayes remeber me ? 24-Nov-2012 5 18-Jun-2013
CLIVE BEESLEY I WOZ THERE! 28-Aug-2012 4 18-Jun-2013
Donald smith Don smith and John Hargreaves 10-Jan-2013 2 12-Jun-2013
Stuart Allan School Visit May 2013 05-Jun-2013 0 05-Jun-2013
Grant Williamson Viersen 12-Feb-2013 4 04-Jun-2013
Hans-Juergen Kariger (Cilvert) The REVISIT KENT SCHOOL up to date 14-Apr-2013 9 02-Jun-2013
collyn david roberts where are you know. 25-Mar-2011 5 30-May-2013
sheila garritys was page old friend? 14-May-2012 4 23-May-2013
Karen Hussey Nee Braithwaite Looking for old friends ie: Helen Ireland 19-Jan-2013 2 22-May-2013
caroline ann bill anyone remember from raf wildenrath in 1984-1987 08-Dec-2012 2 22-May-2013
Trev De'ath Trying to get in touch 21-Feb-2013 3 22-May-2013
Paula Louise Harris Find lost Chatham Sis 22-Mar-2011 2 20-May-2013
Geoff Spooner Am I the only teahcer on this list? 20-Sep-2012 9 07-May-2013
Michael Lamberton Erklanze, Whildenrath 25-Jan-2013 1 04-May-2013
Sue Davies Kent school visit 30-Apr-2013 0 30-Apr-2013
Samantha Bream (was McNeish) Anyone remember me 30-Aug-2012 1 30-Apr-2013
agnes ham nee lamb nick harris 02-Jul-2012 2 20-Apr-2013
Sayyid Daoud Abdurrahman al-Naqqawi (fka David Brasier) General chat. 28-Sep-2010 7 20-Apr-2013
Paul Smalldon Kent School Reunion Years 1970 - 1976 07-Sep-2012 12 11-Apr-2013
Graham Moore Heidi Ridley 03-Apr-2013 0 03-Apr-2013
Frank Rogers Kent School visit 19-Mar-2013 1 22-Mar-2013
Malcolm Hill 1968 - 73 13-Jan-2011 6 16-Feb-2013
Simon Devanney Monthly boarder Deal House Kent school 1984 - 1988 21-Jan-2013 3 12-Feb-2013
ang mulvenna GSO 10-Feb-2013 0 10-Feb-2013
A concerned Hubby N*** S****** 27-Jan-2013 4 30-Jan-2013
Wayne Evans Deal House 12-Apr-2012 2 30-Jan-2013
Christine ozanne Trying to find old friends 20-Jan-2013 2 28-Jan-2013
martin buckingham does anyone know me 23-Nov-2007 4 21-Jan-2013
Kris Humphreys 20-Jul-2012 1 21-Jan-2013
Dave Mac Invite to attend closing day of Windsor School 21-Jan-2013 0 21-Jan-2013
Michael Whitehouse I was at the school 1969-1970... 20-Jan-2013 0 20-Jan-2013
michael doherty THEO WALCOTTs dad 11-Jan-2013 2 11-Jan-2013
dominic hallgate medway boarders 1980's 07-Jan-2013 0 07-Jan-2013
Christine Claxton nee Baldwin Hiya 03-Jan-2013 0 03-Jan-2013
Hans Kariger (Cilvert) Happy New Year 31-Dec-2012 0 31-Dec-2012
Jane Braithwaite (Nee Connelly) Happy Christmas Everyone 22-Dec-2012 0 22-Dec-2012
john beeby where are you all from Erkelenz? 09-Jul-2009 1 14-Dec-2012
Alan Boughey One legged lifeguard at Wildenrath 06-Sep-2012 1 05-Dec-2012
doug Fotheringham 74-80 28-Feb-2008 12 02-Dec-2012
Angie Thompson(nee Marks) Anyone remember me etc? 10-Oct-2009 4 25-Nov-2012
Linda Pender looking to find out if anyone remembers me from 1967 - 1969 20-Aug-2008 7 26-Sep-2012

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