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  Colin the Shirt (webmaster [at] says ...

Subject: How was it for you - 2013?

Okay, the latest incarnation of the site is up - but still needs some work! Please use this messageboard to send me things that have gone wrong so that I may suitably chastise myself ...

Alternatively send me an e-mail at the usual address (above)!

25-May-2013 11:09:12

Graeme Smith
schmeduk [at]

Subject: Re: How was it for you - 2013?

Good year for me so far. Love the new web site. Thanks Colin !

27-Jun-2013 19:58:00

Sarah Strawson
leffe [at]

Subject: Re: How was it for you - 2013?

The new website is fab Colin it is so easy to get around well done on all your hard work - time for another get together I think xx

28-Oct-2013 19:12:53

Colin the shirt
webmaster [at]

Subject: Re: How was it for you - 2013?

Quite right Sarah! Glad you enjoy the new look - I just need a (non-existent) week to sort out all the other things I want to do with the site (and upload more stuff from other folk)

Perhaps we should start a new RE-U thread ...

31-Oct-2013 14:09:05
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