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  Colin The Shirt ( ) says ...

Subject: How was it for you?

Okay, the new site is up - but still needs some work! Please use this messageboard to send me things that have gone wrong so that I may suitably chastise myself ...

Alternatively send me an e-mail at the usual address (above)!

22-Jun-2007 19:08:02

Dawn Scholes
dawn.dunn [at]

Subject: RE: How was it for you?

Looking good!

24-Jun-2007 15:30:48

Caz Streeter
caz [at]

Subject: RE: How was it for you?

All those months of behind the scenes work has paid off.. looking great and lots more sections to explore! I know there is more to come, but for now.. job well done our webmiester!

24-Jun-2007 19:31:51

sarah strawson
strawsons [at]

Subject: RE: How was it for you?

Hi Colin - great new look - so easy to get around - another good job jobbed !!!

07-Jul-2007 20:34:00

williiam munro (blue)
billmunro60 [at]

Subject: RE:well well well hello stranger

hey shirty,what a sight for saw eyes'bin along time since i saw you,you may not remember me,but i remember you,your looking well,glad to hear your doing well,let me know when next reunion will be as id like to be there,well got to go work hope to hear from you soon,best wishs bill munro(blue)

20-Nov-2012 06:42:02
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