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  Colin The Shirt (webmaster [at] says ...

Subject: House colours

Okay - so what were they then folks? Have we got them right? If not - let me know here!

20-Feb-2008 15:49:57

steve graham
spoiltb [at]

Subject: RE: House colours

Canterbury-Red, Maidstone-Blue, Rochester-yellow and Tonbridge-Green

20-Feb-2008 17:24:01

Dave Mac

Subject: RE: House colours

I'm sure Canterbury were Pink - well they were once Matron at Deal House had put the stuff through the wash! Glad I was Tonbridge.

20-Feb-2008 17:56:05

Sarah Strawson (weller)

Subject: RE: House colours

Maidstone - blue the best ....

20-Feb-2008 20:24:04
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