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  Lisa Cross (lisa.keenan1 [at] says ...

Subject: photos

Hi I have several old photos from Kent but can't find out how to "send them in", download them etc..Please tell me!!

16-Sep-2008 17:11:48

Kevin James Knowles
kevinj [at] [at]

Subject: RE: photos

Iwish somebody would tell me that...

19-Sep-2008 12:38:03

Hi De Di
dialex [at]

Subject: RE: photos

Silly question but have you tried mailing them to Colin our wonderful Webmeister directly? Colin will then work his magic and they will appear - just like that or like that.

19-Sep-2008 14:13:43

Colin The Shirt
webmaster [at]

Subject: RE: photos

In fact you'll find Lisa's online now in the school gallery ...

22-Sep-2008 15:04:28
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