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  Colin the Shirt (webmaster [at] says ...

Subject: How was the video for you?

What did you think of BFBS TV's article? As we know Kent School is in Waldniel and operated from 1963 to 1990 but is now largely derelict. The site near Britain's Rheindahlen military base went into private ownership after it was returned to the German authorities in 1991, and depressingly has been left largely abandoned.

The school, where Franciscan monks once cared for disabled children, cannot be demolished because of a preservation order placed on it. So now we discover that hens now lay eggs in old classrooms and what was once the school gym is now a stable.

From the 1960s to its closure in 1990, Kent School was ranked in the top 25% of Britain's schools. Who'd have guessed?

BFBS reported that the heart of the school still exists in the shape of an online community forum - this one! And I'm working to try and improve it still further.

03-May-2013 14:35:39

Kevin Page
kwp256 [at]

Subject: RE: How was the video for you?

Good- I attended Kent from 1967 to 1970 and I have to say the very best of my school day. Lets have another video showing more of the old school. cheers.

23-May-2013 05:32:15

di Stone
di-635 [at]

Subject: Re: How was the video for you?

It's such a shame to see the old place in such a run down state. If only they would go ahead and do something with her before it gets too late and they perhaps decide to bulldoze instead.

21-Jun-2013 21:20:49

Jenny Jones
Jenny895 [at]

Subject: Re: How was the video for you?

Nice one. Such a shame to see it this way, I only did a year in 70/80 yr 4DS, but have a lot of memories from here. I'm planning a trip to Dusseldorf in December, will be passing the school and hoping to be able to get a look around if anyone has any contacts? I believe Mr Lacklison still lives nearby...

28-Jul-2013 18:34:25

Jean Harley
jharley112 [at]

Subject: Re: How was the video for you?

I am so shocked and sad to see the old place so run down the best days of my life were spent there from 1968 to 1971. I went to boarding school at Chatham house and also went to Kent as a day pupil. I was Jean Scott in those days. I totally loved the school and Wassenburg where we lived, Dad was stationed at RAF Wildenrath

02-Oct-2013 19:14:34
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