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  Ali (ali-holmes says ...

Subject: Serious Flashback

Saturday night has returned in somewhat of a haze - does anyone remember the nude paintballing at Kent or is this just my pickled brain going into overtime?

31-May-2006 19:25:00


Subject: Dazed and confused!!

"Ha ha ha.. yeah i remember that burbled conversation! No it didn't actualy happen.. it was a suggestion to use the school as some sort of adventure place and for us all to run around it naked with paintball guns! I remember laughing about it..Now who did it involve.. i know Mike had some say in it (no surprise), but who else.. please own up!! Good to hear that the weekend is starting to become clearer Ali, i'm almost human again! In a bite xx"

31-May-2006 19:56:00


Subject: Didn't it!!!

So where did I get these bruises from......Nicki

31-May-2006 20:03:00


Subject: nude paintballing

didn't we progress from nude paintballing to non drip gloss paint and night goggles..... help!

31-May-2006 20:14:00

nosgamnewo aol

Subject: paintball

"i think steve graham is the main culprit,but yes the idea to save kent was to have a nude paintballing arena aith nude victims and night vision laser gear.....follwing a hen night of 30 women .......but that was to be double booked with a platoon of marines.........if that idea doesn't make money nothing will.......i'd definately pay to see that one"

31-May-2006 20:28:00

Mike White

Subject: Type of paint to be used

The use of Dulux one coat none drip gloss was also a good suggestion!...xx

01-Jun-2006 00:03:00


Subject: Gloss??

Just had a lightbulb moment..Ok only took me a few days for the cogs to go clunk... GLOSS??? That would be a nightmare to get off! Have to use turps and get all greasy and oily!! hmmmm then again! I will now detatch myself from this thread incase i incriminate myself!!

01-Jun-2006 00:08:00


Subject: Flashback

Yoghurt would be better. It could all be bought locally to save on costs. Seriously though: The school will cost six million to buy and renovate.
Between around 30 of us that's 200000 each. I think we need some more investers. Any thoughts?

01-Jun-2006 14:41:00


Subject: Bruises

Must have been the train ride at Eftel - where did we go?

01-Jun-2006 19:52:00

Steve Graham

Subject: flashback

It's down to that funny looking beer I drink.Steve

01-Jun-2006 21:17:00


Subject: Buying Kent ( The school that is!)

Whereas if we get 400 for the next reunion and charge 15000 for the event we'll be able to buy the school!

02-Jun-2006 11:06:00


Subject: may i have a loan please??

That's one hell of a goodie bag schmed.. a share in Kent school!!

02-Jun-2006 13:01:00
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