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  Gerrie (gerrie says ...

Subject: Best memory

And here is for your best memory I have a sneaky feeling I know what will get most mentions......but mine is......
Sonias fab and authentic backing vocals to Schmeds Yellow submarine......will be guaranteed to cheer me up even at my darkest hour....

30-May-2006 21:53:00


Subject: memory

"DAMN......too many........sputnik with the spoon game,mike with his cnn commentary,schmed singing,the group doing schools out,and watching nick collapse on the stairs due to infectious exhaustion( laughing)...too many so the whole weekend will do for me......till the next time

30-May-2006 22:01:00


Subject: Memories

"My best partying memory - watching the spoons game, I could hardly stand up for laughing - thank you Sputnik, Mike and Adam that one will go down in history. What touched me most about the visit to the school was Des telling me that he is still in touch with my tutor group teacher, John Pryce, when I looked into the class-room I could see myself sitting there with the rest of the class and John at the front. I really didn't want to leave the school behind.

30-May-2006 22:15:00

Nick Speight

Subject: Best memory

"How many do you want? The school of course. Managing to find all three places I lived, and Rhein Middle School. The spoons, naturally. Mike's constant and irrepressible lunacy. Currywurst and frites at Roermond. Owen's insatiable souvenir hunting. The list goes on and on and it all helped to culminate in nearly suffocating myself from laughing so much. What a way to go!"

30-May-2006 22:25:00


Subject: witless another name for........

Being scared witless in the dungeons of the school…..Who’s coming back to get that lantern??

30-May-2006 23:00:00


Subject: let thy be light

"hi nicks,
count me in on that one ,got my ladders and tools at the ready......and im still after the weather vane....if i win the lotto we'll have the lot

30-May-2006 23:08:00


Subject: Momory?

"Something to do with a spoon is bugging me..Sputnik and Mike i`ll have to show you how to do the game
Saturday morning, feeding a duck on the patio, the most fun I`ve had with a bird for a long time...No...honest.
The Sunday night bash, Laughed till my ribs split and caught between Lyzz and Caz. I must have cried enough to fill a pint. I haven`t cried for a long time, It as if the last twenty years of compressed feelings exploded out. What joy!It was a great feeling......I`m not gonna cry alone again.

Wait....there`s more...I can hear God! it`s my heart....I`m Alive! "

31-May-2006 09:49:00

steve graham

Subject: best memory .................

"Reminiscing with the teachers about old times and former pupils/teachers activities at and after school,wandering around the school, the great company and 3 days of fun culminating in the funniest party game I have ever seen(I believe it involved a spoon) and the sight of Nick sitting on the stairs crying uncontrollably with laughter at 3 am on Monday morning.Steve"

31-May-2006 09:57:00


Subject: Most Memorable

"Difficult to tie individual events down as being most memorable after such an occasion, obviously the spoon game is right up there as is Mikes infectious laughing and impersonations. Visiting JHQ with Ali is up there too where I spent many an occasion at the Blue Pool, cinema and in the NAAFI. (I hope your souvenir NAAFI carrier bag got home safely Ali?). Visiting Viersen where I use to live is up there too, seeing the quarters and playground where we all use to congregate during hot summer nights (and cold dark winter ones too) but…..the school….oh the school….seeing myself there walking up the many stairs to physics and history, queuing for lunch, the long walk back to the bus park at home time…I was there on Sunday….age 16. Sitting on the front steps getting our photo taken, last time I did that was 26 years ago.
At the bbq I heard, “Lets get these children fed.” Which nearly brought a tear to my eye (another) and waving goodbye to Des and co as we departed on the bus.
I keep remembering things that make me smile and things that make me sad…long may they live.

31-May-2006 10:40:00

Nickie (C)

Subject: memories

"I liked the bike ride we went on with Schmed, oh no - he didn't make it, I also liked the capacity Kev had for remembering lyrics (Yellow submarine la la la la,) and who was that man who knew every single word of Solitaire - still jaded from the weekend, but am finally being allowed to enjoy a little sit. Because sometimes I just like to do that. "

31-May-2006 16:40:00

Stuart Allan

Subject: Memories

"Being there!!!!! spoons!!!! Hi I'm Mike CNN!!!!
Owen with number 22, the smile on his face when he pulled it off!.........SPOONS, SPOONS!"

31-May-2006 22:15:00


Subject: Photos

follow link (you may have to copy and paste!)to see my pics.....will edit them and title them as and when I get time.....

31-May-2006 23:38:00


Subject: Memories

Walking around the side of the old school to the main entrance and a thousand old memories coming to me all at once.
Spoons was great.
Tony Corten having difficulty locating the sixth form common rooms. I said to him follow me I remember it like yesterday. Up and up we went to where I was convinced it should be only to find somewhere completely different. Here we aren't I said to him in a flash!
The best bit however would have to be Schools Out sung by The Kent School Collective. X Factor or what!!

01-Jun-2006 14:50:00


Subject: OH oh oh New Memory

"Spoons (don't think anyone mentioned it). No - a mear spoof. Best memory for me, Seeing Mr Lacklison still trying to educate (teaching my Catie how to spell - whilst writing on slate). Not quite slate in our day (but close). Oh and a little note for Gerry - I think Robbie may be getting over you. (finally), cried till the M25 - oh bless."

01-Jun-2006 19:47:00


Subject: I can see clearly now...

"There are so many best moments for me, both personal and shared. This was my first Re-U as a committee member and WOW, just seeing how everything came together in the end made it all the more enjoyable and a relief!!Both Gerrie's and my phone played up a bit, but we got there in the end!... So what most stands out in this frazzled brain??.. Obviously the school! How silent the bus went seeing our first glimpse of our beloved school, Blubbing in my dorm and seeing it not how it is.. but how it was behind the sad condition of the room. ""Schools out"" wail along is way up there too as is Schmed's alternative rendition of ""My way"" and not strictly singing the words on the screen much to the bemused look on holidaymakers faces, but got a huge applause anyway! Blubbing once again with Lyzz and being slung over Ian's shoulder as he carried me down the stairs that looked like there were more than i had tripped up earlier! I could go on, but the personal ones i will always treasure! THANK YOU TO YOU ALL for making one ex-Kentie a very happy bunny. xxx PS.. Just a thought, if you can book early enough, you can get to Laarbruch for just £30 return and car hire for a day at £25.. anyone fancy a day trip back???? I think i left my heart behind!!"

02-Jun-2006 01:14:00


Subject: Love at first sight

"I'm with you there Caz. As we whizzed past on the autobahn, someone said ""What a cute church""...""That's not just any church"" I replied. After 23 years, I'd arrived home again, with different people, but the same old laughs."

02-Jun-2006 09:52:00


Subject: flashback

"Saturday's road trip will long remain as a testament to male pride and determination to achieve. Kev, Steve and myself visited the camp only to be refused entry. This was despite all my most eloquent arguments regarding current profession, security clearances etc. Disapointed we decided to see Elmpt and then the school.
Bearing in mind between the three of us we'd made that trip around 8000 times. We got to Elmpt with little difficulty, but then the fun began. As far as I could recall it was through Niederkruchten and you can't miss it. We did! We drove around and round so much the sick bags had to be passed round. Male pride prevented any thought of asking directions. We explored every turning off every road but still to no avail. Finally with the car running on vapours we swallowed our pride and stopped Herr Catweazle. In my best German I said excuse me sir do you speak English? A firm no was the reply. A comical exchange then began with voices getting louder but little understanding. Again we drove round and round, surrender was not an option. We were just about to quit and had agreed to never talk about the event again when we stumbled across it. It was three hours later but we'd made it. The euphoria! Male stubborness had saved the day. Who needs a map! I didn't want to go cycling with Julie and Nicky anyway!
The lesson of all this? If at first, second, third you don't succeed keep going, we've got plenty of time, our flights not till Monday. "

02-Jun-2006 11:32:00


Subject: Just come around

"What a fabulous weekend, despite sharing with blokes who only know how to buy things beginning with B: bratwurst, bockwurst, biscuits, beer, bottles of booze, but no BOG ROLL. Thanks for sharing O'organised ones.
Despite our party till 4am'ish Schmed still managed to escape and terrorise some fair maidens in the forest. Hows the sextorettes going matey? Counselling services will be provided for all those affected at the next reunion. Cheers Gerrie, Caz and da committee. Where do I send the photos?"

04-Jun-2006 11:43:00
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