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  Schmed (schmeduk says ...


As wonderful as the reunion was I think we need to get more people to the next one. Need to focus on the as of yet unreachable. Let me know of who you'd like to attend and I'll start searching. Should be able to get 400 attendees by 2010!!
( That was the number I suggested under the influence on Saturday night before Karaokee called!)
PS How do you spell check?

30-May-2006 17:44:00


Subject: where did you find the energy?

"Good lord......I'm still semi comatose and you're on to the next one already!!!!! Sharon rowe.....same age as me.....lived at Wilders, dad was a fireman i think.....She was in cornwall with me before kent....when she left her family went to Marham?????

30-May-2006 18:35:00


Subject: 2010

"Now that is going to be a challenge schmed,but i hope we can make it happen,i just hope i can get my body ready for the next reus needed 1 per 12 months(at least) oooeeer

30-May-2006 19:08:00


Subject: How many more sleeeeps?

"Hi Schmed... We would've have loved to have a lot more for this re-u, but sadly it was not to be. Maybe for various reasons some kenties just couldn't manage it.
At the mo, my brain is in shock and recovery seems far off.. but give me a few days and if you are on a body hunt, i'm sure i can rack what remaining brain cells i have left to come up with a few names!! The trip brought back some things i thought were long lost and forgotten, i even surprised myself. Hope you are feeling much better hun.. take care, Caz xx "

30-May-2006 21:07:00

Ian Smith

Subject: next reu... kentie search

"Scmed.. here's a couple of hopefuls, Stirling Kane, Bob Fordyce, Steve Hanlon, Steve and Brian Hammond, Lynne Berry, Colin and Theresa Greenacre, Kevin Wynn.. mind is booggled at the moment but I know I can dig a feew more names up....."

30-May-2006 21:36:00

caz [at]

Subject: Lightbulb on glimmer

"Sorry me again... Donna Firth, Yvonne Ruffle and Dawn Tiddlesley.. dorm buddies! Got to stop now.. might need another tissue soon! In a bite xx"

30-May-2006 21:41:00


Subject: can anybody supply me with a drip

"sill me forgot to put those names down......paul reid,alun jones,sean kelly,mike pierce,matthew owen,robbie king,mike and marty stacey,paul aspinall,ian and paul johnstone(big and little jock),norma bell,debbie paige,debbie lawrence,sam cooke,sam jones,steve mason,steve maxwell....a few more will return i'm sure


30-May-2006 22:11:00

Nick Speight


"Schmed, you are a madman! That's what I love about you. I have several other Kenties that I am in touch with who have always been a bit reluctant - I know not why. My mission will be to see them at the next one. The lists of names you've been presented with so far are quite daunting so let me know if the flood of names gets too much. I love a bit of research, I'll do what I can to help out."

30-May-2006 22:18:00


Subject: Lost Friends

Here is a list of people I would really like to meet again - Karen Weller (I know she met up with everyone on the broads, but I wasn't there), Lynne Hyde, Colleen O'Pray and Annaliese Lucas. I think they are on friends reu but your powers of persuasion are required. Owen I completely agree as many people as possible should try to meet up each year - 2010 is a long time with no partying.


30-May-2006 22:22:00

Stuart Allan

Subject: 2010

"Hello everybody, what a weekend!!! I will start travelling now as it seems to take me ages to get there!!!! Got home without any trouble. Thanks to all who sorted things out the bus, accomm etc. Ta for the lifts guys. My kidneys hurt!!!!!!! Anyone seen my spoon!!"

31-May-2006 22:09:00


Subject: Annaliese Lucas

Now that's a name I remember! If there was an incentive needed to achieve then that's the one!

02-Jun-2006 12:14:00

Nickie (C)

Subject: Got a name from the past

Just had an email from Liz and here is a name for you - Debbie-Laine Walton.

02-Jun-2006 12:49:00


Subject: Who you gonna call?

Mr John Mernor - or was he there this time?

04-Jun-2006 11:53:00

Nickie (C)

Subject: We have a theory

The theory is that yes he was (who was that masked man?). But in a serious disguise and the laugh was on us. I think I know who he came as - so does Kev. Do you?????????

04-Jun-2006 15:47:00


Subject: sisters

I've a photo of the man in disguise. It looks like John in profile. And he likes the Sisters!

05-Jun-2006 12:54:00
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