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  schmed (schmeduk says ...

Subject: REUNION

Tracey Parsons and Wendy Cook are two further definites. Bit late and numbers low. Are we still on?

30-Jan-2006 18:55:00

bill munro

Subject: reunion

god i hope so as it will be great to see the old place again as it's been nearly 30yrs since i left

02-Feb-2006 13:37:00

Colin the ShirtWebMeister

Subject: Yes we are on!

Schmed - have these extra names contacted Gerrie and sent a deposit? I don't see their name on the list but if they do so straight away then we'll include them in the bookings. HERE WE COME LOOHORST!

02-Feb-2006 14:52:00

steve graham

Subject: Reunion

Good news if it is on as have moved to Duesseldorf just to cut down on travelling for the reunion

02-Feb-2006 15:41:00
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