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  PartyJane and Steve (partyjane says ...

Subject: Kenties in Swindon - What a party!

Hi all. Hope you got back home safely. What a superb weekend - well done to Phil McGlass for his brilliant organizing. The company was fantastic and as always we've come home with huge smiles and wonderful memories. I'll post the photos off to the webmaster - hopefully they will be published before the next one!
It was wonderful to see everyone again. Hope to get my voice back at some point! Lots of love to you all PJ and Steve xxx

26-Nov-2006 14:05:00


Subject: Oh what a night...

"A huge thanks to Phil for a great gathering! Could only make one night of it, but what a night of laughs, smiles and company. Big thanks to Bev for putting up with me there and back! No idea why i now have the sniffles.. prob the incahol intake robbing me of an immune system.. but sooo worth it!
Drank to absent friends, wrestled with chopsticks and good to see familiar faces again as well as new ones. Take care and hope it's not too long before we can do it again. In a bite xx"

27-Nov-2006 00:34:00


Subject: Late November back in oh-oh-six

It was great to see you all again and to meet Gary who fitted right in with the crowd. Thanks for making the effort to be here and thanks for a memorable weekend. It felt a bit quiet on Sunday afternoon once I surfaced. Hope you all made it home safely. Till the next time. McGlass

27-Nov-2006 17:37:00


Subject: Swindon

"Go along with all that has been said so far. Great to catch up ""old"" buddies and meet some new ones. Not sure that I'm looking forward to the pictures......... It wasn't me!

Seriously though, we need to have another excuse for a bigger reunion sometime next year. It has already been suggested that 'upnorff' is the place to head towards. Any takers! "

28-Nov-2006 20:24:00


Subject: knees up

"agree to previous posts - was a great night, didn't get too drunk (I think). Journey home was quiet as Caz sobered up, ha ha. Photos sent to Owen on Friday night via the mobile was a laff, sorry Ali & Nick didn't mean to photograph your bits!! Oh well, here's to the next one!"

29-Nov-2006 11:36:00


Subject: Swwwwindon!!!

"Great time, good to see everyone again (and a couple of new faces). Thanks to Phil for the arrangements (including the band on Sat night lol. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures, just to remember what happened - anyone got a spare shot glass or two!!! (oh yes Bev has a couple)."

29-Nov-2006 20:39:00


Subject: Shots and shots of glasses

"I found a Corkey's Shot glass in my handbag too - wonder how THAT got there!
the ""lick salt slam the tequila and suck a lemon"" thing was an interesting addition in the cider/ gin /shots /liquor mix I'd already consumed. May be we should invent a Kentie Post ReU detox kit? "

30-Nov-2006 01:23:00


Subject: Photos up

Glad you all had such a good time all. I've managed to put a page of pictures up already - hopefully more to follow.

30-Nov-2006 11:59:00

sarah strawson

Subject: up norff

"sorry I missed swindon, sounds like I missed a blast - never mind these things cannot be helped .. will make the next one up north, wild horses will try to stop me any ideas yet as to where and when - anybody - how about York ...."

05-Dec-2006 21:34:00
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