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  Ali (ali-holmes says ...

Subject: Reunion

"Hi everyone,
Counting down days to reunion - looking forward to seeing everyone again. Is there any news on whether a bus will be available - going to have to start thinking about how to get there otherwise. (Been getting some practise in on the drinking arm cos its needed judging by the photos of recent events!)

24-Apr-2006 00:54:00


Subject: reu

"yes please about ferry times aswell as it is a bit of a drive from york,also might have to book thursday off aswell if its a morning crossing............i see the list has shrunk a wee bit awwwwwwwwwwww"

24-Apr-2006 20:21:00


Subject: flying

"I am booked on flights with Ryan air Stansted to Weeze (they call it is the old RAF Laarbruch) Leaving at 6 something on the Friday morning and returning at 10 something on the Monday night....just gotta sort transport out over there which I am attempting at the moment if you wish to join us feel free let me know and I'll see if I can do some sort of mini bus maybe! You'll have to book your own flights though, it cost me about ú40 each with all the additions go to


27-Apr-2006 07:59:00

Adam Berry - SAXON

Subject: Terminal velocity.... to Weeze

Iv`e booked the flight.
Looks like the Reunion starts in the coffee shop at the Airport.

03-May-2006 15:53:00


Subject: Weeze--ing away ...

"Yup, will be there too! What a cracking start to the weekend!"

03-May-2006 16:45:00

me me

Subject: reu

"me and mick are setting off 6pm thurs nite (long drive )ferry 2am,going to see my lod house in holland ,then center parcs ,better get your swimming gear ready(wave pool here we come..........)..ooohhh excited"

03-May-2006 20:11:00

me me

Subject: reu

"me and mick are setting off 6pm thurs nite (long drive )ferry 2am,going to see my old house in holland ,then center parcs ,better get your swimming gear ready(wave pool here we come..........)..ooohhh excited"

03-May-2006 20:12:00

Liz Bunston

Subject: Reunion

Still have 2 seats available for anyone travelling from South Wales along the M4 corridor - we are booked on the Eurotunnel for around 1pm on the Friday and coming back from Calais at around 4pm on the Monday.

Can't wait...........

04-May-2006 14:57:00

Adam Berry - SAXON

Subject: Wee before Weeze

"I have just come back from the fatherland, quite a journey in the car. Make sure you have some Euro change on you before you go. It costs 30 cents for a pee!!"

04-May-2006 15:46:00


Subject: Ready to go!

"Thats it, airport car park booked, flight booked and car hire booked at the other end (just have to get one of those map thingys so I don't end up in Estonia or somewhere even more vague). Will have one or two spare seats (depending on amount of luggage) if anyone wants to share."

04-May-2006 23:05:00

Adam Berry - SAXON

Subject: don`t get lost

"Estonia?, I wouldn`t mind ending up in Transylvania..ha....ha.....haaaa!"

05-May-2006 08:52:00


Subject: Let's get this partayy started!!

Hello my fellow reunion-ites! I guess everyone has booked their transport and checked their passports are up to date? looking forward to meeting you all again! Just to let you know.. it's 21 more sleeps from today! Can i start packing yet???? In a bit xx

05-May-2006 20:03:00


Subject: travel

Ali if Adam can travel in your car then I only need get a normal car and not a people carrier....that would be great.....

05-May-2006 23:14:00


Subject: Travel

"Hi Gerrie,

Not a problem will be happy to give Adam a lift. See you son.


06-May-2006 01:11:00


Subject: Oops

That should read see you soon! Too much wine.

06-May-2006 01:13:00

Phil Mcglass

Subject: Loohorst

Wish I could join you guys. Going to be a great weekend. I'll be stuck in Shrivenham till Friday afternoon then piles of homework to do after.
Have a great time and give my regards to Hostert!

06-May-2006 03:32:00


Subject: Drinking for absent friends!

"Hi Phil.. you will be missed!.... Thanks for all your help over the last few months, and we'll definately raise a glass ( or 2 ) for absent friends! Best of luck with all your studying. Take care xx"

07-May-2006 00:42:00

Neil & Sylvia

Subject: wish we could be there

"Hi all! Like Phil we wish we could be there. Living over here in sunny Germany you think it would have been easy to make this reunion than the ones in UK, typical, nothing works out how you would want it, although still hoping to make it for a day! Keeping every thing crossed, if we don't make it make sure you all have a few for us. Will be thinking of you all. Have a fab time and hope to see you all there.
love Neil & Sylv"

11-May-2006 22:03:00
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