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  sarah strawson (weller) (strawsons says ...

Subject: Northampton

Wonderful evening - did have a job to get out of bed this morning after all the dancing - thank you Ian ....
Head not too bad - lovely to see all the old faces and some new ones !!

22-Jan-2006 16:16:00

Adam Berry - SAXON

Subject: Northampton

"The easiest thing was to get there, the easiest thing was to get back home......the Hardest thing was I had to leave early.

Never again.......I`m booking a hotel next time.
Great evening, nice venue....and a cool crew!

I feel alive......I could feel the Vibes ! "

23-Jan-2006 09:05:00

Caz Streeter

Subject: Oh what a night!

Hey all...
Had a fantastic time catching up with some party hard Kenties!! A very much needed night out with lots of laughter. Pics will be on the way soon.. (those that can be published!! lol) Keep rockin Sarah.. because you can!
Take care and hope to see you again very soon xxx

23-Jan-2006 09:13:00

Colin and Pat

Subject: Fantastic time

"But like Adam, miffed that we hadn't booked in Northampton so had to trek back to Coventry for some much needed kip prior to the dearly journey back into London. What a turnout tho!!!! Respect to you Caz for organising it.

When we did get back I had to get the electric axe out sharpish and alarmed listeners with some heavy duty r'n'b riffs just to get the frustration of missing the band out of my system. My 'lecky's never sounded s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o mean!

Looking forward to those snaps too - and I hope the location of the purchases is determined - I invested ú3 in that joint venture!!!

Best wishes to all of you and roll on the next get together!"

23-Jan-2006 18:14:00

Ian Morrison

Subject: Northampton

"Hello there! My legs didn't arf ache when I got back to Grantham... Was great to meet old and new faces ,thanx to Sarah for the boogies and to Caz for putting me up (and putting up with me!). You're looking very well Nick, and Judith is lovely...sorry I can't make the big bash, if I win the Euro Lottery this week I'll take you all lol... Bye for now x"

27-Jan-2006 14:11:00
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