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  Sarah Strawson (strawsons says ...

Subject: Great Yarmouth

Lovely to meet up with you all at Yarmouth - enjoyed the chat and laughs...
Hope you got the boats back on time!!!

20-Sep-2004 07:59:00

Paul Laidlaw

Subject: Ahoy there shipmates!!!

"Great to see you and your sis in Yarmouth Sarah. Am losing my voice fast and my jaw aches so much, have never laughed so much since last reu!!!! You'll be pleased to hear we managed not to sink any of the boats although Lyzz really tried her best to."

20-Sep-2004 16:09:00


Subject: Back to Reality...

"Hey ya'll..
Ok, so the ground still feels like it's moving, the sunglasses are still on, the brain has been left behind, the shakes of withdrawl are kicking in big style and the voice is a little grainy.. what a deserving end to a fantastic weekend of piracy!
Great to catch up again Sarah and couldn't have wished for a better crew to share the fun and frollics with! Have the bruises to remind me that climbing up on the roof of the boat is not such a good idea afterall, but hey, who am i to resist a challenge?
Can't wait to see all the pix.. Hmmmmm.
Now just have to find my land-legs again. Hoping the horizontal position might help.
Take care all, thanks for making it such a memorable one...... time for some serious Zzzzzz's!

20-Sep-2004 17:25:00


Subject: Sinking or Drinking

"Oi Paul, what do you mean me almost sinking the boat? The only sinking I did was the drink!

What an amazing weekend which was well needed. It was great to see the old faces again as well as some new ones and make it another classic Kent party.

Thanx 2 (in no specific order);
Simone for the quote of the weekend ""What do you mean you don't drive""
Ian for giving us all that great quote ""TMI""
Caz for the magnificant cakes
Jeff for Dog in the Hood and for teaching us how to use Bluetooth on our phones
Paul for all the messages and photos using Bluetooth
Pat for the Cabernet Merlot which works better than any of the prescribed drugs
Colin for the guitar and songs
Sarah and sister for joining us in the evenings
Nick for the lift both ways and putting up with me for longer than anyone else (And Lesley for letting me stay the night)
The orange boat, for the rum laced with rohypnol

But most of all, thanks to all of you the non-stop laughter, love and for being you. If I've forgotten someone or something, it wasn't intentional, it's just that there's a lot I can't remember about the weekend. There's also a great deal I can remember about the weekend and it was a truly amazing experience. Keep swaying everyone! XXX"

20-Sep-2004 21:15:00


Subject: Why should reality come so soooooon ...

Avast ye fellow shipmates! Yarrrrrr. Back to work - and finding the whole building has a slight sway to it. Will furnish the website with loads of pictures just as soon as my laptop stops moving from side to side ... For those who missed it - look at the pix!!!

21-Sep-2004 15:41:00
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