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  owen magson (nosgamnewo says ...

Subject: reunion

any chance of a list being produced to tell us who has signed up for the visit like the one for the skegness do ?

10-Oct-2005 12:54:00

Colin the ShirtWebMeister

Subject: Reunion list

Absolutely. We'll have a page up here shortly. But more folk coming would be a help!

10-Oct-2005 16:45:00

bill munro

Subject: reunion 2006

"so how long until the list goes up,and i know that you got my deposit,hav'nt you,as can't wait to check the old place out again after nearly 28yrs"

11-Oct-2005 20:05:00


Subject: It's there....

It's up there Bill and Owen follow the link from the home page.....we need more!!!!!!

13-Oct-2005 17:30:00

owen magson

Subject: reunion

just waiting to see if neighbour is goona let her husband come with me (he will do anything for a p**s-up) and then the cheques are on the way...can't wait to see the old girl and feel those memories stirring !!!!!!!!!!!!!

13-Oct-2005 20:40:00

bill munro

Subject: reunion

"thanks gerrie just checked the list out,and you and shirty are right we need more,hey shirty i still remember you,but you don't remember me(here's a clue,everone used to laugh at me because i went out with a canadian girl twice the size of me)"

15-Oct-2005 11:51:00


Subject: REUNION

Has an invitation been sent for the reunion to al those people listed on the friends reunited site. If not I'll do it. Let me know asap.
Thanks Schmed

26-Oct-2005 11:57:00

nosgamnew aol

Subject: reu

is there an option to stay longer ??????

14-Nov-2005 15:32:00
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