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  Party Jane (partyjane says ...

Subject: Get Together In South Wales - from the year planner

Gerrie - Steve and I would love to party in South Wales. Just give us a time and place and we'll be there. Bridgend sounds good to us!
Hope to see the welsh contingency out in force!

06-Jul-2005 19:46:00

Lizzie Whizz

Subject: South Wales Party

Great to see you the other day. Let us know the details and we'll see if we can join you.


07-Jul-2005 17:09:00


Subject: errrrm!

"Just threw in a date to get us started......thought we'd just do something similar to last time meet up, chat, have dinner, chat, have a drinkie or 2, chat....etc etc....."

07-Jul-2005 19:08:00

PartyJane and Steve

Subject: Kenties do South Wales

Any firm date on a get together? location and venue stuff too? We need to plan stuff a bit in advance cos things can get busy and we would hate to miss the chance to meet up and have a few drinks lets us know whats occurring. love PJ and Steve xx

11-Sep-2005 22:33:00


Subject: 1st October

"How about Saturday October 1st......same place as last time meet in the pub by sinsburys Macarthur glen and then down to the other one for munchies...Lizzie if you let me know the name of the pub or if you know somewhere better in the location let me know and I'll ring and book before we go.....

14-Sep-2005 18:40:00

lizzie whizz

Subject: South Wales Party

Hi Gerrie

The pub is the Harvester on Junction 36 (Sarn) and I think we ate there last time although the Ty Risha Inn just down the road does very good food and lots of it - is that where you were thinking of?? Give me a call and we'll discuss. lw x

20-Sep-2005 13:17:00
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