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  Di (dialex says ...

Subject: Taken from the Events Calendar - The secret will be revealed

"But not until after the wedding when the photographs will be published.

<br>Lin, see you on Saturday "

05-Oct-2004 21:23:00


Subject: congratulations

All the best - hope all goes well and you have a wonderful day xx

05-Oct-2004 22:08:00

Shirty and Pat

Subject: Best wishes Lin!

Hope everything goes well on the day - and that there are pictures decent enough to be published ... our thoughts will be with you on your special day!

06-Oct-2004 14:35:00


Subject: congratulations!!!

Wishing both you and your hubby to be all the best for Saturday.. Have a great day and i hope the sun shines on you always. x

07-Oct-2004 13:40:00

Lin Thomas (McPherson that once was!)

Subject: Wedding

"Thanks guys for the best wishes.... only just recovered from the event! Weather held out... Di behaved herself as did Sue and Karen and we had a fantastic day. The surprise will no doubt be revealed by Di or the other two but they didn't know where the honeymoon was, actually neither did I till after checkin!

<br>Fantastic time had by Mike and me - guests seemed to have a blast.... no-one was physically removed or asked to leave... although Di... what did that waiter say to you? Shame you couldn't all come but hope to see you at the next reunion.

<br>Lin and Mike"

20-Oct-2004 23:42:00

Lin Thomas

Subject: Di - link to picies of the wedding!

06-Nov-2004 17:46:00


Subject: The photos are in the gallery now

Check out the Gallery and you'll find the wedding snaps in there! Looks like it was a very giddy event indeed ... Best wishes for the future Lin Thomas (McPherson etc)!!!

06-Jan-2005 18:49:00
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