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  owen () says ...

Subject: ONE WEEK ON........

"Hello folks,well i cannot believe its been a full week since our visit.There is a rumour going that some might be thinking of doing a quick day trip to the old girl,before she's finally sold off.C az has mentioned that if you book early enough the flights can be low as 30 rtn and car hire at 25 per day (pretty cheap).I have asked my guv'nor and i have permission to blast back,a few other people would be interested aswell.I thought if we did, we could take MR.L and MESSRS BUTTERWORTHS out to lunch as a little thank you for the BBQ (which was excellent). Let me know what you think........owen"

05-Jun-2006 18:46:00


Subject: Returning Home

"Hi Owen.. Yup, Yup, Yuppity Yup.. I'd love to go back.. Have to source the Ryanair site for the cheapest flights and when. Might as well make use of the passport now i have it and maybe get it stamped this time!!... Took me till Fri to recover from this one, packed so much into such a short time wiped me out. But life is short so party we must! Been uber busy since.. off to Download Fest tomorrow for 5 nights of getting mucky in a tent with 60,000 others and 3 days of gigging hard! Blimey the sleeeps for this one has caught me out quick. Now re-packed and ready to ROCK! Won't be back till sometime on Monday, bod might take a little longer! So till then.. play nicely and catch you soon. Mighty Metallica & Korn.. here i come!! Rock on, Rock 'ard, Rock 'eavy...In a bite... Cazzy xx"

06-Jun-2006 08:42:00


Subject: Still going strong

"I`m still flying high so I`m just waiting till i run out of fuel then..... crash land. Were did all the Sleeps go? I`m looking forward to going to Germany for the Christmas Market. Bugger.....I have mentioned the C word and its only June. Sat in the garden on Sunday, Braties Kartofflen salad....and some green vegie stuff, German beer and wine...with my black shades on and listening to Echo and the Bunnymen and some classical rock...(Black Sabbath ,Motorhead etc.) Ohhh the salad days are here again."

06-Jun-2006 09:33:00


Subject: Hmm...tempting

"OK so I didn't get my act together to go this time, but Caz's suggestion did get me looking on the ryanair site and if you pick the first weekend of September and take an early flight from stanstead to weeze on saturday and back on Sunday late then the price is only 3! there and back with taxes it comes to just 22.78 all in - for that price I can stump up some more for a hotel for the night and share a hire car! OR I've just looked again and flying out early on Friday 1st September and back late on Friday and the total including taxes is 31.04!!! Who's in?"

06-Jun-2006 12:42:00


Subject: Really Tempting...

You can get a Hire Car that seats 4 (ford focus) for approximately 70 for the day so if anyone wants to share the price of the hire car I think this can be done on a day trip for about 50 to 70! Now who's in?

06-Jun-2006 12:52:00


Subject: reu 2006 part 2

"Hi Jeff, i am easy for both options. Let's see how many other peeps are interested,it certainly is worth the trip,we just didn't have enough time there last time around.........owen"

06-Jun-2006 13:03:00


Subject: OK so I've got the bit between my teeth

"I've looked (and also I'm bored at work today)- 11th August - fly out on the 6.40am from Stanstead to Weeze, get a hire car and fly back on the 22.00 flight the same day. The plane ticket is 25.08 all in and the hire car is 51.54 for a 407 auto (never can drive a manual in a left hand drive!) So if anyone wants to come along for the day - just fund your own flight and chip in a bit for petrol, space for four (inc me) in a 407. If you live anywhere between the east midlands / London and standstead I can probably arrange to pick you up and drop you back on the way through. It's only a day trip but definately a worthwhile exercise to see if can be done - any takers? "

06-Jun-2006 13:07:00


Subject: trip

Sorry jeff but not able to make it that day as im booked elsewhere the week commencing saturday 12th august.

06-Jun-2006 13:22:00


Subject: trip

"Well........ i could if i'm pushed it just means a long trip to devon on the saturday from york with no sleep..........i could let the wife drive,,,,,ha ha ha ha...silly me ,what am i thinking..."

06-Jun-2006 13:26:00
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